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EES members pose together after the annual faculty vs student kickball game


Department Events


Seminar Series

Fall 2022

September 16, 2022: Dr. Rachel Racicot, Vanderbilt University

“Digital dolphins and the evolution and development of echolocation”

3:10-4pm in Buttrick 102

October 28, 2022: Dr. Alison Post, Northern Arizona University

“Using field experiments and PhenoCam imagery to understand grassland responses to climate change”

3:10-4pm in Buttrick 102

November 11, 2022: Dr. Rachel Glade, University of Rochester

“Lobate soil patterns on Earth and Mars: Finding the secret recipe”

3:10-4pm in Buttrick 102

November 18, 2022: Dr. Ashley Manning-Berg, UT Chattanooga

“Taphonomic Controls on Exceptional Preservation: What’s Missing in Early Diagenetic Chert? “

3:10-4pm in Buttrick 102

December 2, 2022: Dr. Greg de Wet, Smith College

“The brGDGT Hype Cycle – Can we take this paleotemperature proxy from the Trough of Disillusionment to the Plateau of Productivity?”

3:10-4pm in Buttrick 102

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