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EES members pose together after the annual faculty vs student kickball game


Department Events


Seminar Series

Spring 2023

January 13, 2023: Dr. Vashan Wright, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

“The Early Life of Sands at a Beach”

1:30-2:30pm in Buttrick 101

January 18, 2023: Dr. Chris Fletcher, University of Waterloo

“Combining Geophysical Models and Machine Learning (or: how to have our cake and eat it too)”

2:30-4pm in Buttrick 101

January 20, 2023: Dr. Tushar Mittal, Penn State University

“Multiscale Carbon Cycle and Solid Earth Interactions: Roles of seafloor bathymetry and large volcanic eruptions”

1:30-2:30pm in Buttrick 101

January 27, 2023: Dr. Huidong Li, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

“How cities can adapt to climate change?”

1:30-2:30pm in Buttrick 101

March 3, 2023: Dr. Christopher Kinsley, Berkeley Geochronology Center

U-Th Geochronological Efforts at Bear Lake, Western US

1:30-2:30pm in Buttrick 101

March 24, 2023: Dr. David Hondula, Arizona State

Managing Extreme Heat in Local Government: Phoenix’s Office of Heat Response and Mitigation

1:30-2:30pm in Buttrick 101

March 31, 2023: Dr. Philip Ruprecht, University Nevada Reno

“Probing the crust: From Nevada’s youngest eruption to Eocene magmatism in the Great Basin”

1:30-2:30pm in Buttrick 101

April 7, 2023: Dr. Meghana Ranganathan, Georgia Institute of Technology

“Ice Sheet Change: a microstructural perspective”

1:30-2:30pm in FGH 138

April 14, 2023: Dr. Jennifer Bradham, Wofford College


1:30-2:30pm in Buttrick 101

To join the seminar email list and get early notification of upcoming seminars, send an email to with the following text in the email body: “SUBSCRIBE EESSEMINAR [Your Name].” E.g., if your name is Jane Smith, send an email containing the body text “SUBSCRIBE EESSEMINAR Jane Smith.”

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