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Career Outcomes

Your Success Story Is Waiting. An Earth and Environmental Sciences major prepares students for a variety of careers, both as scientists and also in other fields related to the Earth, its resources, and its future. In addition to an understanding of the Earth and its processes, an EES major builds essential, marketable skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, data analysis, navigating uncertainty, effective communication, and working with diverse stakeholders.

Earth and environmental scientists are in high demand in the following fields:

  • Environmental consulting for the private sector
  • Renewable energy and sustainability
  • Natural resource exploration and extraction
  • Environmental regulation
  • Park/museum education and interpretation
  • Government research and field science
  • Environmental advocacy and supporting research

EES majors also use their scientific skills and knowledge as a foundation for careers in law, tech, business, policy, education, and medicine. For more on careers in Earth and environmental sciences, visit the American Geosciences Institute’s workforce webpage.

Where Are They Now?


Steve Braun standing on a mountainside with poles strung with multicolored pennants in the background

Steve Braun ’10

Geologist, Exxon Mobile Corp.

Houston, TX



Chuka Eko

Chuka Eko ’13

Construction Liaison, QA-QC Texas Rebuilds

Houston, TX




Tim Watkins sitting at a picnic table with people at other picnic tables in the background

Tim Watkins ’16

Software Engineer, Aquent

Asheville, NC




Ellen Bley standing in front of a white pillar with greenery in the background

Ellen Bley ’17

Project Mgr., American Conservation Experience

Salt Lake City, UT




Breanna Garmon standing in front of a tapestry

Brenna Garmon ’18

Geologist, Woodard & Curran

Philadelphia, PA




Ellie Scholtz

Ellie Scholtz ’19

Creative Content Mgr., The Nature Conservancy

Chicago, IL