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The Core Office is responsible for approving, overseeing, coordinating, and revising all Core courses in the new A&S curriculum. This includes the First-Year Core courses (CORE 1010 and CORE 1020) and the Exploratory Core electives (CORE 2000s), taken after the first year. Read more about the framework for the curriculum.

The Core Office recruits faculty to teach in the Core, organizes events related to the Core program, and coordinates workshops and meetings for Core instructors.

Interested in teaching in the First-Year Core in 2024–2025 or beyond? Please let us know!


Paul Stobb

Paul Stob
Director, Core Office
Professor of American Studies and Communication Studies

Elizabeth Catania

Elizabeth Catania
Associate Director, Core Office
Assistant Professor of the Practice of Neuroscience

Fall 2023 Pilot Program

In Fall 2023, twenty-one sections of the First-Year Core are being offered in preparation for an expanded pilot in 2024–2025.

Course Coordinators: Being Human, Encountering Others

Course Coordinators: Science, Technology, Values

Support Staff