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Art, Music and Dance in Latin America

Art, Music, and Dance have always been a part of life in the region, even dating back to pre-colonial times.  As time progressed, all three elements became intertwined with the local and national realities of each country, creating a wide variety of traditions and celebrations.  More than that, art, music, and dance have both reflected and influenced politics and society in ways that cannot be understated.  From Brazilian Samba and Cuban Nueva Trova to Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, Latin American culture is brilliantly rich and diverse.

Lesson Plans

PDF Ballet Folklórico: An Introduction (Mexico)
PDF Barrilete Construction Instructions
PDF Corridos and Al Otro Lado Curriculum Guide
PDF Día de los Muertos: An Introduction
Booklet El Día de los Muertos - History and Customs (English)
Booklet El Día de los Muertos Historia y Costumbres (Spanish)
PDF Learn about Incan Textiles from Peru
PDF Natural Dyes Lesson plan - Middle or High School
PDF “El yerberito moderno” por Celia Cruz

CLAS Lending Library Resources

DVD 2 Filhos de Francisco (Brazil, 2005)
DVD Al Otro Lado (2005)
Book Dancing with Cuba
Book Exploring Art of the Ancient Americas
DVD Favela Rising (Brazil, 2005)
Book Frida Kahlo (Mexico)
DVD Hacemos Fiesta! Let's Celebrate!
DVD La Camioneta (Guatemala, 2012)
Book Latin American Art of the 20th Century
DVD Se Arrienda: Bienvenido al sistema (2005)
Book Tango!: The Song, The Dance, The Story

CLAS Workshop Presentations

PPT Art of the Mexican Revolution
PDF Narco-Music
PPT Retablo Studen Project Part I
PPT Retablo Student Project Part II
PPT Song, Dance and Nation in Modern Mexico