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Learn About Cinco de Mayo and Talavera Tiles

An interactive and interdisciplinary presentation on the Cinco de Mayo celebration in Mexico, as well as a discussion of an art form found in Puebla, Mexico, the site of Mexico’s independence battle. The presentation will provide students with a brief overview of Mexican history, a discussion of celebrations in Mexico, and the opportunity to make their own Talavera Tile as they would see in Puebla, Mexico, if they visited it for a celebration.

RELATED CONTENT AREAS: World Geography & Cultures / Visual Art /

TARGET AUDIENCE: 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade


3rd Grade World Geography and Cultures: 3.33 Identify on a map major countries of South America

3rd Grade World Geography and Cultures: 3.34 Identify major physical features of South America

5th Grade Visual Art: 4.1 Explore the relationship of art from different cultures, time, and places.

5th Grade Visual Art: 4.2 Examine and demonstrate how culture, history, and art influence each other.

Modern Languages Elementary K-5: 2.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the practices and perspectives of the culture studied.


  • Students will be able to relate the history of Mexico’s independence and it’s cultural significance.  
  • Students will also be able to connect ideas of independence, celebration, and liberty to their own studies in United States history and their own culture.
  • Students will be able to identify cultural art forms related to significant celebrations in Mexico.



Jessica Fletcher


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