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Learn About Moche Ceramics from Northern Peru

This hands-on and interactive presentation introduces students to the fine-line ceramic style of the Moche, a Pre-Columbian culture of 2000 years ago from the northern coast of Peru in South America. The presentation also includes Spanish vocabulary exposure, and finishes with a creative class activity where students get to design costumes to act out scenes depicted in the ceramic designs.

RELATED CONTENT AREAS: World Geography & Cultures / Visual Art / Spanish

TARGET AUDIENCE: 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade



3rd Grade World Geography and Cultures: 3.32 Use timelines to summarize the history of a region.

5th Grade Visual Art: 4.1 Explore the relationship of art from different cultures, time, and places.

5th Grade Visual Art: 4.2 Examine and demonstrate how culture, history, and art influence each other.

Modern Languages Elementary K-5: 2.2 Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the products and perspectives of the culture studied.


  • Students will be able to recognize and identify Moche fine line ceramics from northern Peru and relate imagery on the ceramics to Moche culture, traditions, and funerary practices.
  • Students will be able to describe the ceramic designs in Spanish.
  • Students will be able to make connections between presented material to their lives.


Andrea Delgado


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