Journal Club – Fall 2015

Date Title Speaker
September 2, 2015 AJC Orientation Victor Calderon
September 9, 2015 Evolution of the Brightest Cluster Galaxies: the influence of morphology, stellar mass and environment” by Zhao et al. Victor Calderon
September 16, 2015 Climbing the cosmic ladder with stellar twins” by Jofré et al. Nicholas Chason
September 23, 2015 Could Jupiter or Saturn Have Ejected a Fifth Giant Planet?” by Cloutier et al. Michael Lund
September 30, 2015 On the Assembly of Dwarf Galaxies in Clusters and their Efficient Formation of Globular Clusters” by Mistani et al. Glenna Dunn
October 7, 2015 Effects of simulated cosmological magnetic fields on the galaxy population” by Marinacci et. al. Gabriella Alvarez
October 14, 2015 The 2011 Outburst of Recurrent Nova T Pyx: X-ray Observations Expose the White Dwarf Mass and Ejection Dynamics” by Chomiuk et. al. Rose Perea
October 21, 2015 Spin-Orbit Misalignment of Two-Planet-System KOI-89 Via Gravity Darkening” by Ahlers et. al. Kyle Conroy
October 28, 2015 Heating and cooling of coronal loops observed by SDO” by Li et. al. Samaiyah Farid
November 4, 2015 Initiation and Early Evolution of the Coronal Mass Ejection on 2009 May 13 from Extreme-ultraviolet and White-light Observations” by Reva et. al. Teresa Monsue
November 11, 2015 Origin and properties of dual and offset AGN in a cosmological simulation at z=2” by Steinborn et. al. Christina Davis
November 18, 2015 The WISE view of RV Tauri stars by Gezer et al. Laura Vega
November 25, 2015 Thanksgiving Break
December 2, 2015 Supermassive black holes and their host spheroids II. The red and blue sequence in the MBH – M*,sph diagram by by Savorgnan et al. Nicole Sanchez
December 9, 2015 The Connection Between the Positron Fraction Anomaly and the Spectral Features in Galactic Cosmic-Ray Hadrons” by Tomasetti & Donato (2015) Matthew Richardson

Talks from special visitors are highlighted in red.  Talks at non-standard times or locations are highlighted in blue.

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