Publications of Graduate Students

Author Date Title
Joseph Rodriguez 06/2016 KELT-14b and KELT-15b: An Independent Discovery of WASP-122b and a New Hot Jupiter
Joseph Rodriguez 05/2016 An Extreme Analogue of ɛ Aurigae: An M-giant Eclipsed Every 69 Years by a Large Opaque Disk Surrounding a Small Hot Source
Joseph Rodriguez 02/2016 Recurring Occultations of RW Aurigae by Coagulated Dust in the Tidally Disrupted Circumstellar Disk
Michael Lund 01/2016 Metrics for Optimization of Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Observations of Stellar Variables and Transients
Author Date Title
Megan Lang 10/2015 Voronoi Tessellation and Non-parametric Halo Concentration
Baile Le 09/2015 Classification of Stellar Orbits in Axisymmetric Galaxies
Joseph Rodriguez 07/2015 V409 Tau as Another AA Tau: Photometric Observations of Stellar Occultations by the Circumstellar Disk
Savannah Jacklin 07/2015 Transiting Planets with LSST. II. Period Detection of Planets Orbiting 1 M⊙ Hosts
Jennifer Piscionere 06/2015 The Spatial Distribution of Satellite Galaxies within Halos: Measuring the Very Small Scale Angular Clustering of SDSS Galaxies
Victor Garcia 05/2015 On the Binary Frequency of the Lowest Mass Members of the Pleiades with Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera 3
Michael Lund 01/2015 Transiting Planets With LSST. I. Potential for LSST Exoplanet Detection
Author Date Title
Kyle Conroy 11/2014 Kepler Eclipsing Binary Stars. V. Identification of 31 Candidate Eclipsing Binaries in the K2 Engineering Dataset
Aaron Juarez 11/2014 An Improved Determination of the Lithium Depletion Boundary Age of Blanco 1 and a First Look on the Effects of Magnetic Activity
Rose Perea 11/2014 Scintillation properties of strontium iodide doped with europium for high-energy astrophysical detectors: nonproportionality as a function of temperature and at high gamma-ray energies
Victor Garcia 09/2014 A Strict Test of Stellar Evolution Models: The Absolute Dimensions of the Massive Benchmark Eclipsing Binary V578 Mon
Brittany Kamai 08/2014 New BVI C Photometry of Low-mass Pleiades Stars: Exploring the Effects of Rotation on Broadband Colors
Megan Lang 08/2014 Bar Formation from Galaxy Flybys
Lauren Palladino 01/2014 Hypervelocity Star Candidates in the SEGUE G and K Dwarf Sample
Kyle Conroy 01/2014 Kepler Eclipsing Binary Stars. IV. Precise Eclipse Times for Close Binaries and Identification of Candidate Three-body Systems
Author Date Title
Joseph Rodriguez 11/2013 Occultation of the T Tauri Star RW Aurigae A by its Tidally Disrupted Disk