Journal Club – Spring 2015

Date Title Speaker
January 14, 2015 AJC Orientation & AAS Discussion Meagan Lang
January 21, 2015 “Asynchronous rotation of Earth-mass planets in the habitable zone of lower-mass stars” (Leconte et al., 2015) Mike Lund
January 28, 2015 “Variations in the abundance of iron on Mercury’s surface from MESSENGER X-Ray Spectrometer observations” Weider, S.Z. et al. Rose Perea
February 4, 2015 “The Structure of Nuclear Star Clusters in Nearby Late-type Spiral Galaxies from Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera 3 Imaging” Carson et al. Christina Davis
February 11, 2015 “Henize 2-10: the ongoing formation of a nuclear star cluster around a massive black hole” Arca-Sedda et al. Gabriella Alvarez
February 18, 2015 Canceled due to snow
February 25, 2015 “The rise and fall of stellar disks across the peak of cosmic star formation history: mergers versus smooth accretion” Welker et al. (2015) Victor Calderon
March 4, 2015 Spring Break
March 11, 2015 “The formation of a quadruple star system with wide separation” Pineda et al. (2015) Kyle Conroy
March 18, 2015 “The Temperature and Polarization Power Spectra of the Cosmic Microwave Background – II: Planck 2015 Results – Constraints on Inflation” Mahmoud Parvizi
March 25, 2015 “Kepler and the Long-Period Variables” Hartig et al. (2014) Laura Vega
April 1, 2015 “Observation of Chromospheric Sunspot at Millimeter Range with the Nobeyama 45 m Telescope” Iwai & Shimojo Teresa Monsue
April 8, 2015 “Particle acceleration in superluminal strong waves” (Teraki et al., 2015) Matthew Richardson
April 15, 2015 “Songlines from Direct Collapse Seed Black Holes: Effects of x-rays on black hole growth and stellar populations” (Aykutalp et al. 2014) Glenna Dunn
April 22, 2015 Finals Week (as needed)

Talks from special visitors are highlighted in red.  Talks at non-standard times or locations are highlighted in blue.

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