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Students who are enrolled in the College of Arts & Science may earn academic credit for internships on a Pass/Fail basis. Credit hours earned for internships will not count toward major and minor requirements but will count toward the 120 hours required for graduation. Students may complete internship courses either in Interdisciplinary Studies or through selected departments.

Please contact Dean Yollette Jones in the Arts & Science Deans office with any questions regarding internships and to be registered for an internship. Due to varied regulations, we may not be able to accommodate applications for internship sites in some states.

Cost of an Internship

Internships taken during the fall or spring semester will fall under the normal tuition charge unless the student exceeds 18 hours during the semester. The hourly tuition charge will apply to any hours taken over 18 which are approved by the appropriate academic dean. Students will be charged for internships completed in the summer based on the hourly tuition rate for summer school. A Summer Internship Subsidy is available under certain conditions. Please contact the academic dean for details.

Interdisciplinary Internships

Any student who is classified as at least a sophomore and is in good standing can earn one credit hour per semester or summer for an internship completed under the interdisciplinary designation (INDS 280 a-b-c-d), for a maximum of three credit hours. Students are responsible for obtaining their own internship and faculty adviser. The student and faculty adviser will work together to develop the plan of work for the internship, which must be approved by the Director of Internships in the College of Arts & Science (Associate Dean Yollette Jones). Students who need assistance with finding an internship locally or elsewhere should contact the Center for Student Professional Development regarding the Venture program and the Internship Exchange.

Departmental Internships

Under this option students from any discipline may earn academic credit for internships in selected departments if they meet the minimum GPA requirements and have six hours of prior work in the department in which they wish to intern. Students are responsible for choosing a faculty adviser for their internship and working with that individual to develop a plan of work for the internship opportunity. The plan must be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the department in which the internship will be administered. Some departments will have a list of approved programs which students can consult when choosing internships. All internships will be taken concurrently with a research and/or readings course that will be graded and may count toward requirements for a major or minor depending upon the department in which the internship is housed. Students should consult the Undergraduate Catalog or the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the appropriate department to obtain additional information about internships in the various disciplines. The following departments currently offer academic credit for internships:

African American and Diaspora Studies
American Studies
Cinema & Media Arts
History of Art
Jewish Studies
Latin American Studies
Medicine, Health, and Society
Women's and Gender Studies

(Internship courses are offered during FALL, SPRING, and SUMMER terms.)