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Classroom Scheduling



Arts & Science classrooms are allocated during creation of the official course schedule (January/February for fall courses, September for spring courses, and December for summer courses). To ensure that the classroom your course is scheduled to use is sufficient for your needs, work with your departmental scheduler to include room preferences in the Campus Planning Interface (CPI).

Classrooms are scheduled for co-curricular academic purposes by Scheduling Coordinator Racquel Goff. This includes all activities associated with A&S courses and some additional activities that are associated with academic credit, such as dissertation defenses.

If you need a room for any activity not associated with A&S course credit, or if you need to reserve a non-classroom space for any purpose, you must schedule the room through the Office of Reservations and Events

Resources for Evaluating and Scheduling Rooms

Classrooms for films, review sessions, make-up classes, etc. can be requested via Virtual EMS using the A&S Classroom template.