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Declaring a Minor

You may declare a minor  starting your third semester of residence but  no later than the last day of classes in the second semester of your senior year. You may combine a minor with any major, but each minor must include at least 15 credit hours that count solely toward the minor .

To declare a minor, you must register with the Office of Undergraduate Education for the College of Arts and Science, as well as with the chosen department(s). A minor is not required to earn your degree. You have the responsibility to know and satisfy all requirements for any declared minor. If you have questions about a minor, check with the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the relevant department.

How to Declare a Minor

To declare a minor:

  • Complete the Declaration of Minor form.
  • Have the form signed by an academic adviser in the minor department. The process for assigning academic advisers and obtaining signatures for declaration-of-minor forms varies by department. Visit the relevant department website or contact the department office for instructions.
  • Leave one copy of the completed form with your minor department.
  •  Email the completed form to the Office of Undergraduate Education at
  • If you are declaring multiple minors, the form you submit to the OAS must contain the signatures of your advisers from all relevant departments.

To add or drop a minor, repeat the process above. The form is the same, but the section you complete will vary depending on the change you wish to make. For assistance with changes, speak with your academic adviser.

» Declaration of Minor form