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The AXLE Writing Requirement

For lists of 1000-level W courses, 2000-level and higher W courses, and Oral Communications courses, use the advanced class search in YES.

Basic Competency in English Composition

Writing skills are essential for students to succeed at University and beyond. The College of Arts & Science AXLE curriculum requires that all students demonstrate competence in English composition. This requirement can be satisfied by passing English 1100; by transfer credit for English 1100 or for specific English 1000-level Writing courses; by presenting qualifying scores on the SAT Writing and Critical Reasoning tests or the ACT English and Writing tests; or by earning appropriate AP/IB or transfer credit for specific English 1000-level Writing courses. (See the degree audit for a detailed list of ways that students may satisfy the English composition requirement.)

AXLE Writing Requirements

The AXLE curriculum requires that all students complete three Writing courses beyond the English 1100 proficiency standard, irrespective of SAT II Writing or AP English test scores. Students must take a First Year Writing Seminar (1111), a Writing course of any level, and either another Writing course of any level or an approved Oral Communications course. Completion of a First Year Writing Seminar ensures that all first year students have an opportunity to hone their writing skills in their first year at Vanderbilt University. Students who must enroll in English 1100 are also required to complete a First Year Writing Seminar course in their first year. Preferably, these students will take the English 1100 course during the Fall semester and the First Year Writing Seminar during the Spring semester. All students are required to complete a 1000-level Writing course by the end of their sophomore year.

The Third Writing Course Requirement

The third Writing course may be a 1000-level Writing course or a 2000-level or higher Writing course or an approved Oral Communications course. The 2000-level or higher Writing courses allow students to fulfill the third part of the Writing Requirement with a discipline-specific course at a more advanced level than the 1000-level Writing courses. Content of the various upper level Writing courses is diverse, reflecting the fact that writing styles are discipline-specific. In the natural sciences, for example, an advanced laboratory course in which students prepare reports in the style of a professional journal article may fulfill the 2000-level or higher Writing option. Advanced courses requiring writing in a language other than English may also fulfill the 2000-level or higher Writing option.

Students may also complete the third portion of the Writing Requirement with an approved Oral Communications course. The departments and programs that offer approved Oral Communications courses determine the specific nature and content of their classes. Similar to writing courses, these courses include regular attention to the Oral Communications process in class, the opportunity to refine speaking skills through multiple presentations over the course of a semester, and feedback from the instructor.

Writing Requirements for First Year Writing Seminars

Students in First Year Writing Seminars shall be required to write a minimum of 15-20 typescript pages. A considerable portion of each student’s grade should be from written assignments, in addition to class participation, quizzes, and tests. The specific writing assignments shall be at the discretion of the instructor and may be discipline-specific. However, at least three writing assignments must be graded at intervals during the semester, enabling the instructor to provide feedback that will enable students to improve their writing. After the initial review and approval of a new First Year Writing Seminar, it need not undergo further review provided that the course description remains unchanged. Department Chairs and Program Directors should remind their faculty members of these expectations at the beginning of each term.

Writing Requirements for 2000-level and higher Writing Courses

Students in 2000-level and higher Writing courses shall receive regular feedback on their writing over the course of a semester, affording them the opportunity to improve their skills, and shall receive discipline-specific writing instruction in the classroom. The process of revising written work allows students to reflect on the writing process. Writing tutorials are also encouraged.