Typical Sequence for a Major

Note: This sequence represents a typical path through the major. The sequence for any individual student may vary.

First Year: Either Soc 101 or 102 (fall). Also take two courses from the core or elective areas.

Second Year: At least two courses from the core areas. Very strong students may take Soc 201 in the spring. We advise against taking Soc 127 until the junior year.

Third Year: Soc 127 in the fall or spring, and Soc 201 in the fall or spring. Take the remaining courses from the core areas and at least one elective. Note: some students take Soc 211 (fall) and Soc 212 (spring) in their junior year. Soc 127 may be taken with Soc 211 in the fall, but Soc 127 must be completed before taking Soc 212.

Fourth Year: Take the remaining electives and core courses plus Soc 211 (fall) and Soc 212 (spring). Honors students have a different trajectory and should see their advisors.

Note: AP Statistics courses usually do not count for Soc 127

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