Spring 2015 Courses


SOC 101     Introduction to Sociology
Christie-Mizell   TR         9:35-10:50am (101.01) // Wilson Hall 112
Cooter                  MWF    3:10-4:00pm  (101.02) // Wilson Hall 112
Woods                  MWF    8:10-9:00am (101.03) // Wilson Hall 115

SOC 102.01   Contemporary Social Issues – Social Iss: Urban Life, Inequal
LaTonya              MWF  1:10-2:00pm // Garland 101

SOC 102.02   Contemporary Social Issues – Social Iss: Migration
Sana                      TR     2:35-3:50pm // Garland Hall 22oH

SOC 102.03   Contemporary Social Issues – Social Iss: Health & Society
Song                       MWF    12:10-1:00pm // Garland Hall 101

SOC 102.04   Contemporary Social Issues – Social Iss: Gender and Sexuality
Banerjee               TR          8:10-9:25pm // Furman 109

SOC 102W     Contemporary Social Issues
Spetalnick           MWF     8:10-9:00am //  Calhoun Hall 103

SOC 115F.03  First-Year Writing Seminar – FYS: Immigration
Sisk                      MWF  12:10-1:00pm // Gillette Hall 103

SOC 115F.20   First-Year Writing Seminar – FYS: Genius and Madness
Becker                    TR     11:00am-12:15pm // Murray House 208

SOC 115F.22   First-Year Writing Seminar – FYS: Incarceration in U.S.
Patterson                TR     2:35-3:50pm // Gillette Hall 103

SOC 201.01     Sociological Perspectives
Becker                     TR  2:35-3:50pm // Rand Hall  308

SOC 204.01     Self, Society, and Social Change
Cornfield                 TR 9:35-10:50am // Garland Hall 101

SOC 207.01     Climate Change and Society
Donato                    T    9:35am-12:05pm // Garland Hall 209

SOC 214.01      Art in Everyday Life
Lloyd                       TR     9:35-10:50am // Furman 311

SOC 220.01     Population and Society
Sana                        TR     8:10-9:25am // Wilson 113

SOC 230.01     The Family
Christie-Mizell       TR    1:10-2:25pm// Wilson Hall 112

SOC 231.01      Criminology
Patterson                  TR  11:00am-12:15pm // Wilson Hall  121

SOC 234.01     Prison Life
Noble                         T        8:10-10:40am // Alumni Hall 201

SOC 235.01     Contemporary American Society
Lloyd                       TR     1:10-2:25pm // Furman 325

SOC 237.01     Society and Medicine
Trotter                    MWF     4:10pm-5:00pm // Calhoun Hall 337

SOC 247.01     Human Behavior in Organizations
Murray                   MWF    2:10-3:00pm // Furman 311

SOC 253.01     Racial Domination, Racial Progress
Brown, Tyson       MWF  1:10pm-2:00pm // Furman 325

SOC 255.01     Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the United States
Cooter                         MWF  10:10-11:00am // Furman 209

SOC 256.01     Race, Gender, and Sport
Cooter                          TR      8:10-9:25am // Buttrick Hall 306

SOC 264.01     Social Dynamics of Mental Health
Turner                          TR  11:00-12:15pm // Garland Hall 101

SOC 265W    Sociology through Baseball
Murray                         MWF  11:10am-12:00pm // Buttrick Hall 306

SOC 280A        Internship Readings and Research

SOC 280B        Internship Training

SOC 296.01     Honors Research
Carpenter                      M       3:10-5:40pm // Furman 226

SOC 299          Independent Research and Writing

ENVS 278       Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Hess, David              MWF       10:10-11:00am//Stevenson Center 1210


SOC 312.01     Multivariate Analysis II
Brown, Tony              W             10:00am-12:30pm // Garland Hall 209

SOC 323.01     Teaching Workshop
Kelner                         F               1:10-3:40pm// Garland Hall 209

SOC 331.01     Survey Seminar on Collective Behavior and Social Movements
McCammon             R              1:10-3:40pm // Garland Hall 209

SOC 345.01     Survey Seminar on Social Stratification
Brown, Tyson          M            4:10-6:40pm // Garland Hall 209

SOC 369            Master’s Thesis Research

SOC 373.01        Workshop on Sociological Criticism
Cornfield            T                   1:10-3:40pm // Garland Hall 209

SOC 379     Non-candidate Research


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