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Germanic and Slavic Languages

east side gallery type writers in Cologne Marlene Dietrich Berlin Reichstag Goethe by Wahrhol Documenta Kassel


  • February 26
    GGSA Fiim Series | introduced by Christoph Zeller (Vanderbilt): "Lola Rennt" (Garland 101, 7 pm)  
  • February 27
    Discussion of "Lola Rennt" - led by Christoph Zeller (Vanderbilt) (Furman 123, 1-2 pm)  
  • March 13 and 14
    Graduate Student Workshop | Imagination | Referring Back While "Going Further" with Hannah Arendt. Keynote Dialogue by Barbara Hahn (Vanderbilt) and Thomas Wild (Bard College) (Alumni Hall 206, all day event)  
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