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Student Resources

Campus Resources for All Students

  • Student Care Network – Interconnected offices on campus to help support the well-being of all students at Vanderbilt University, no matter their challenges.
  • Student Access Services – This office supports neurodivergent and any other learners who need additional support to succeed in coursework and graduate study.
  • VU Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion – This office is charged with monitoring and supporting students, staff, and faculty from underrepresented groups. They do excellent programming on issues related to minority status and bias in the academy and workplace, ranging from small workshops to prominent invited speakers.
  • Unconscious Bias – Useful resources for dealing with and responding to different forms of unconscious bias.
  • InclusAbility – Resources for students with physical or learning accessibility issues.
  •  VU Diversity Partners – A list of the many student organizations, offices, and programs that create community and offer support for underrepresented minorities of all types, including ethnic, gender, religious, body, and sexual orientation supporting groups.
  • International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) – Office to support international visas, language and cultural support, and other support to help international students adjust to the US and thrive in their graduate programs.
  • Student Center for Social Justice and Identity – The mission of the Student Center for Social Justice and Identity is to promote an environment of cultural competency, inclusivity, and awareness on the Vanderbilt campus.
  • Project Safe – Center for sexual and gender misconduct prevention and response. They offer trainings, programs, and resources. They can help you learn what options are available to you.
  • Title IX and Student Discrimination Office – Office for program and legal support for harassment, discrimination, or other negative experiences on campus.
  • Support for Students with Families – Note also the parental accommodation policies at the graduate school and departmental levels, listed in the graduate handbook.

Graduate Student Resources

  • Ph.D. Pre-VU Recruitment Event – Event for traditionally underrepresented students to learn more about the transition to Ph.D. studies and research careers.
  • Provost’s Graduate Fellowship – A competitive fellowship to supplement the living stipend of underrepresented minority students upon admission to Vanderbilt.
  • Ralph Bunche Summer Institute – A financially supported summer program held each year at Duke University for underrepresented students to prepare their experiences and skills for applying to top Ph.D. programs in political science.
  • Graduate Student Organizations – These organizations and offices use a community-based approach to support students with particular experiences and identities.