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Your success story is waiting. A Vanderbilt political science Ph.D. opens doors. Our alumni obtain placements in some of the most prestigious universities and institutions across the U.S. and around the world. Scroll through this page to learn more about where our recent graduates have landed.

Meet our 2023-24 Job Market Candidates

Alumni Spotlight

Mellissa MEisels ’24

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Yale University

Mellissa will be starting at Yale University as a postdoctoral fellow in the Fall of 2024, and then as an Assistant Professor of Political Science in the Fall of 2025. She studies American politics, with an emphasis on Congress, elections, campaign financing, political organizations, legislative representation, and quantitative methods. Her work appears in the British Journal of Political Science.



Meredith McLain ’23

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Tufts Univeristy

Meredith McLain is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Tufts University and a Neubauer Faculty Fellow. She studies American politics, with a focus on institutions, separation of powers, presidential and executive policymaking, and congressional oversight. Her work is published in the William and Mary Law Review Journal.





Nick Bednar ’23

Associate Professor of Law, University of Minnesota

Nick Bednar (Ph.D. ’23) is now an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Minnesota. His research focuses on executive politics, focusing on when elected officials invest in bureaucratic capacity and how bureaucratic capacity influences policy implementation. His recent work has appeared in the American Political Science Review, Political Science Research & Methods, and Cardozo Law Review.




Previous Placements

Nicholas Bednar
Assistant Professor of Law
University of Minnesota Law School


Margaret Frost
Assistant Professor of Political Science
University of Rhode Island


Lucas Helms
Commandant's Action Group
Headquarters Marine Corps


Colin Henry
Postdoctoral Fellow
George Washington University


Meredith McLain
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Tufts University


Chris Piper
Associate Manager
Center for Presidential Transition


Katerina Traut
Post-doctoral Fellow
University of Pennsylvania


Heesun Yoo
Visiting Assistant Professor
Emory University, Quantitative Theory and Methods Department

Mark Conklin
Batallion Commander
101st Air Assault Division, US Army


Dylan Irons
Visiting Assistant Professor
Colgate University, Department of Political Science


SangEun Kim
Research Manager
Aspen Institute


Richard Montcalm
Squadron Commander
US Army


Daniela Orosrio-Michel
Post-doctoral Fellow
German Institute for Global and Areas Studies

Laura Sellers
Associate Publication Editor and Data Analyst
Latin American Public Opinion Project


Michael Shepherd
Assistant Professor
University of Michigan, School of Public Health


Darrian Stacy
Assistant Professor of Political Science
US Naval Academy


Bryce Williams-Tuggle
Chief Demographer
City of Bellevue


Adam Wolsky
Senior Research Specialist
Princeton University

Georgia Anderson-Nilsson
Senior Manager
Werkslab, The Mom Project


Kaitlen Cassell
Senior Research Manager


Claire Evans
Social Science and Survey Researcher
King County Metro Transit


Richard Hagner
Commander’s Action Group
Army Futures Command


HeeJu Jang
Quantitative Research
Virginia Department of Social Services


James Martherus
Senior Manager, Research Science
Morning Consult

Maggie Deichert
Director of Policy Development and Research
Dallas Housing Agency


Andrew Engelhardt
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Stony Brook University


Marc Trussler
Director of Data Sciences
University of Pennsylvania Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies


Sheahan Virgin
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Washington and Lee University

Juan Plata Caviedes
Associate Researcher
Observatorio de la Democracia
Universite de los Andes


Scott Limbocker
Assistant Professor of Political Science
US Military Academy at West Point


Guilherme Russo
Director of Research
Quaest Pesquisa e Consultoria

Allison Archer
Assistant Professor
University of Houston

Mark Richardson
Assistant Professor
Georgetown University

Bryan Rooney
Associate Political Scientist
Rand Corporation

Mollie Cohen
Assistant Professor
University of Georgia


Matthew DiLorenzo
Assistant Professor
Old Dominion University


Myra Harbin
Assistant Professor
U.S. Naval Academy


Meri Long
Teaching Associate Professor
University of Pittsburgh


Federico Pereira
Assistant Professor
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Claire Abernathy
Assistant Professor
Stockton University
Matthew Layton
Assistant Professor
Ohio University
Arturo Maldonado
Assistant Professor
Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru


Eelco van der Maat
Assistant Professor
Universiteit Leiden



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