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Cindy D. Kam

Dean of Faculty Affairs, College of Arts & Science
William R. Kenan, Jr. Chair
Director, Research on Individuals, Politics & Society Lab
Professor of Psychology (by courtesy)
Professor of Medicine, Health and Society (by courtesy)

Professor Kam received her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 2003. Her research focuses on political psychology, public opinion, political participation, and political methodology.  Her work has appeared in the Journal of Politics, Public Opinion Quarterly, and Political Behavior, among other outlets, and she has published two books: Us Against Them: Ethnocentric Foundations of American Opinion, co-authored with Donald R. Kinder, and Modeling and Interpreting Interactive Hypotheses in Regression Analysis, co-authored with Robert J. Franzese, Jr.. She received the Best Dissertation in Political Psychology award in 2004, the Pi Sigma Alpha award for Best Paper Presented at the Midwest Political Science Association in 2006, and the award for the Best Paper Published in the Journal of Politics in 2009. In 2011, she was awarded the Emerging Scholar Award from the Elections, Voting Behavior, and Public Opinion Section of the American Political Science Association and the Erik H. Erikson Award from the International Society of Political Psychology.  She teaches courses on public opinion, political psychology, and research methods, and she regularly co-authors papers with graduate students.

Representative publications

  • Kam, Cindy D. and Camille D. Burge. 2018. “Uncovering Reactions to the Racial Resentment Scale Across the Racial Divide.” Journal of Politics 80(1): 314-320.
  • Kam, Cindy D. and Beth A. Estes. 2016. “Disgust Sensitivity and Public Demand for Protection.”  Journal of Politics 78(2): 481-496.  
  • Utych, Stephen M. and Cindy D. Kam. 2014. “Viability, Information Seeking, and Vote Choice.” Journal of Politics 76(1): 152‐166.  
  • Kam, Cindy D. and Elizabeth J. Zechmeister. 2013. “Name Recognition and Candidate Support.” American Journal of Political Science 57(4): 971‐986.
  • Kinder, Donald R. and Cindy D. Kam. 2009. Us Against Them: Ethnocentric Foundations of American Opinion. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
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