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Allison Anoll

Assistant Professor

Allison P. Anoll is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University. Her research and teaching focus on how everyday people navigate the political world: why people (sometimes) participate in politics, how Americans form their political attitudes, and when social movements or the criminal justice system shape political behavior.

Her work has received multiple national and international awards including the Juliette and Alexander L. George Award for best book on political psychology and best paper awards from the American Political Science Association and International Society of Political Psychology.

Dr. Anoll’s current scholarship focuses on how parents introduce children to racial politics – and if historical and present-day social movements shape these choices. She teaches courses on political participation and representation, race in America, research design, and the criminal justice system to undergraduate and graduate students. She is the recipient of multiple teaching awards.

Representative publications

  • Anoll, Allison, Andrew Engelhardt, and Mackenzie Israel-Trummel. 2022. “Black Lives, White Kids: White Parenting Practices Following Black-Led Protests." Perspectives on Politics, 20(4): 1328-1345.
  • Anoll, Allison P. 2022. The Obligation Mosaic: Race and Social Norms in US Political Participation. University of Chicago Press.
  • Anoll, Allison P. and Mackenzie Israel-Trummel. 2019. “Do Felony Disenfranchisement Laws (De-)Mobilize? A Case of Surrogate Participation.” Journal of Politics, 81(4): 1523-1527.
  • Anoll, Allison P. 2018. “What Makes a Good Neighbor? Race, Place, and Norms of Political Participation.” American Political Science Review, 112 (3): 494-508
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