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Andrew J. Coe

Assistant Professor
Director of the ROCCA Lab

Andrew J. Coe earned his PhD from Harvard University in 2012.  His work is devoted to understanding the causes and consequences of violent conflict in human civilization.  His research involves the development and analysis of game-theoretic models of various aspects of conflict, often drawing on the principles of economic theory and his experience working for the U.S. government on national security policy.  He has taught courses on formal models of politics, international security, the nature of war, the politics of weapons of mass destruction, and the economic analysis of conflict.

Representative publications

  • Andrew J. Coe and Jonathan N. Markowitz.  Forthcoming.  "Crude Calculations:  Productivity and the Profitability of Conquest."  International Organization.
  • Andrew J. Coe and Scott Wolford.  2020.  "East Asian History and International Relations."  In Stephen Haggard and David C. Kang (Eds.), East Asia in the World:  Twelve Events that Shaped the Modern International Order.  Cambridge University Press.
  • Andrew J. Coe and Jane Vaynman.  2020.  "Why Arms Control Is So Rare."  American Political Science Review 114(2): 342-355.
  • Andrew J. Coe.  2018.  "Containing Rogues:  A Theory of Asymmetric Arming."  Journal of Politics 80(4): 1197-1210.
  • Muhammet A. Bas and Andrew J. Coe.  2018.  "Give Peace a (Second) Chance:  A Theory of Nonproliferation Deals."  International Studies Quarterly 62(3): 606-617.
  • Muhammet A. Bas and Andrew J. Coe.  2016.  "A Dynamic Theory of Nuclear Proliferation and Preventive War."  International Organization 70(4): 655-685.
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