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Watch: Research Professor Samar Ali presents conversation from TED Democracy “How to bridge political divides — from two friends on opposing sides”

Posted by on Tuesday, March 5, 2024 in Spotlight.

On November 15, 2023, Research Professor of Political Science and Law Samar Ali was joined by public affairs strategist Clint Brewer to give a talk at the TED Theatre in New York City presented by the TED Democracy Initiative. In this this talk, Professor Ali and Mr. Brewer come together in conversation to discuss how to address deepening divides and polarization in the United States and around the world. Professor Ali provides valuable insight on how to discard the “scare script” by which we demonize others and how to challenge and be resilient in the face of the “hate-industrial complex”. This conversation was part of a larger event bringing together democracy experts who are working to advance specific solutions for reform and showing what it takes to revitalize our civic culture.

The full discussion, “How to bridge political divides — from two friends on opposing sides”, can be viewed here.