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David J. Wasserstein

Professor of History and Eugene Greener, Jr. Professor of Jewish Studies;

B.A., Ph.D. (Oxford 1974, 1982)

147 Buttrick Hall

Professor Wasserstein came to Vanderbilt from Tel Aviv University’s Department of Middle Eastern and African History, where he taught from 1990 to 2004. He is a historian of Islam, of Judaism in Islam, and of the medieval world. His publications include The Rise and Fall of the Party-Kings: Politics and Society in Islamic Spain 1002-1086 (Princeton University Press, 1985) and The Caliphate in the West: an Islamic Political Institution in the Iberian Peninsula (Oxford, 1993) and numerous articles on topics including Jewish history, Islamic history, and medieval numismatics. His most recent book is The Legend of the Septuagint from Antiquity to Today (Cambridge, 2006); written by David Wasserstein together with his father, the late Abraham Wasserstein.

Professor Wasserstein’s teaching interests include medieval Jewish history, Jews in Islamic lands, and an array of other courses on Jewish and Muslims.


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