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Workshop with Prof. Adam Meyer: Storytelling as Community-Bridging – Martin Luther King Jr. and the Book of Exodus

Posted by on Tuesday, January 14, 2020 in Past Events.

As a part of Vanderbilt’s MLK Day commemoration on January 20, Professor Meyer will be hosting a teach-in session from 3:30-4:45pm in Sarratt 325/327. We hope to see you there! Find more info here.

Presenter: Adam Meyer, associate professor of Jewish Studies

Description: In this teach-in, participants will learn about the role that storytelling can play in bridging different communities, particularly when the members of one community can see themselves in the story of another community. The session will specifically examine the ways in which Martin Luther King Jr. told the story of African Americans through the lens of the story of the ancient Israelites as recounted in the Biblical Book of Exodus. Participants will discuss how King was able to use a single story to provide inclusivity to two different groups, reinforcing his message of unity and community-bridging.

Location: Sarratt 325/327

GME credit available!