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Play published by Judy Klass, plus one staged and one to watch

Posted by on Thursday, June 25, 2020 in News, Ongoing Research.

Judy Klass, Senior Lecturer of Jewish Studies and English, recently published a play in Summer 2020’s Volume 12 of Qu, a contemporary literary magazine from Queens University of Charlotte.

Klass’ short, humorous play The Emperor’s Interview riffs on the Hans Christian Andersen story “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” certain media and current events. Klass wrote it several years ago, and it was produced in 2019 — which is a little eerie, given that characters in the play talk about a plague/pestilence throughout the land, and how the Emperor is ignoring how doctors and scientists say it should be fought.

Klass’ full-length play “Kimberly In Overdrive” is being produced by OPPA! in Layton, Utah. This premiere is part of OPPA!’s New Works Festival.

KDC Theatre in London is hosting their annual Full Stack show. The theme is Writing On the Wall, and it includes Klass’ short play in verse called “The Poe-ster.” This play is about a college student focused on literature who has probably read “The Raven” too many times,” and he is cramming for exams after a recent break-up, and his Edgar Allan Poe poster starts talking to him. KDC will broadcast this festival over Zoom, Thursday, July 9th through Saturday, July 11th, 7-9pm BST (1-3pm CST).