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Xing-Xing Shen

Postdoctoral Scholar in Biological Sciences
Rokas Lab

Abstracts from PubMed

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Shen, XX, Opulente, DA, Kominek, J, Zhou, X, Steenwyk, JL, Buh, KV, Haase, MAB, Wisecaver, JH, Wang, M, Doering, DT, Boudouris, JT, Schneider, RM, Langdon, QK, Ohkuma, M, Endoh, R, Takashima, M, Manabe, RI, Čadež, N, Libkind, D, Rosa, CA, DeVirgilio, J, Hulfachor, AB, Groenewald, M, Kurtzman, CP, Hittinger, CT, Rokas, A Tempo and Mode of Genome Evolution in the Budding Yeast Subphylum
Krause, DJ, Kominek, J, Opulente, DA, Shen, XX, Zhou, X, Langdon, QK, DeVirgilio, J, Hulfachor, AB, Kurtzman, CP, Rokas, A, Hittinger, CT Functional and evolutionary characterization of a secondary metabolite gene cluster in budding yeasts
Krassowski, T, Coughlan, AY, Shen, XX, Zhou, X, Kominek, J, Opulente, DA, Riley, R, Grigoriev, IV, Maheshwari, N, Shields, DC, Kurtzman, CP, Hittinger, CT, Rokas, A, Wolfe, KH Evolutionary instability of CUG-Leu in the genetic code of budding yeasts
Gonçalves, C, Wisecaver, JH, Kominek, J, Oom, MS, Leandro, MJ, Shen, XX, Opulente, DA, Zhou, X, Peris, D, Kurtzman, CP, Hittinger, CT, Rokas, A, Gonçalves, P Evidence for loss and reacquisition of alcoholic fermentation in a fructophilic yeast lineage
Shi, R, Mullins, EA, Shen, XX, Lay, KT, Yuen, PK, David, SS, Rokas, A, Eichman, BF Selective base excision repair of DNA damage by the non-base-flipping DNA glycosylase AlkC
Shen, XX, Zhou, X, Kominek, J, Kurtzman, CP, Hittinger, CT, Rokas, A Reconstructing the Backbone of the Saccharomycotina Yeast Phylogeny Using Genome-Scale Data