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Ximing Qin, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Scholar in Biological Sciences
Johnson Lab

Abstracts from PubMed

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Guo, G, Wang, K, Hu, SS, Tian, T, Liu, P, Mori, T, Chen, P, Johnson, CH, Qin, X Autokinase Activity of Casein Kinase 1 δ/ε Governs the Period of Mammalian Circadian Rhythms
Xu, Y, Weyman, PD, Umetani, M, Xiong, J, Qin, X, Xu, Q, Iwasaki, H, Johnson, CH Circadian yin-yang regulation and its manipulation to globally reprogram gene expression
Qin, X, Byrne, M, Mori, T, Zou, P, Williams, DR, McHaourab, H, Johnson, CH Intermolecular associations determine the dynamics of the circadian KaiABC oscillator
Mori, T, Williams, DR, Byrne, MO, Qin, X, Egli, M, Mchaourab, HS, Stewart, PL, Johnson, CH Elucidating the ticking of an in vitro circadian clockwork