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Tony Capra, PhD

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Associate Director of Graduate Studies
Professor of Biomedical Informatics

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Colbran, LL, Gamazon, ER, Zhou, D, Evans, P, Cox, NJ, Capra, JA Inferred divergent gene regulation in archaic hominins reveals potential phenotypic differences
Ely, ZA, Moon, JM, Sliwoski, GR, Sangha, AK, Shen, XX, Labella, AL, Meiler, J, Capra, JA, Rokas, A The Impact of Natural Selection on the Evolution and Function of Placentally Expressed Galectins
Newman, JH, Shaver, A, Sheehan, JH, Mallal, S, Stone, JH, Pillai, S, Bastarache, L, Riebau, D, Allard-Chamard, H, Stone, WM, Perugino, C, Pilkinton, M, Smith, SA, McDonnell, WJ, Capra, JA, Meiler, J, Cogan, J, Xing, K, Mahajan, VS, Mattoo, H, Hamid, R, Phillips, JA, , IgG4-related disease: Association with a rare gene variant expressed in cytotoxic T cells
Kroncke, BM, Mendenhall, J, Smith, DK, Sanders, CR, Capra, JA, George, AL, Blume, JD, Meiler, J, Roden, DM Protein structure aids predicting functional perturbation of missense variants in and
Sivley, RM, Sheehan, JH, Kropski, JA, Cogan, J, Blackwell, TS, Phillips, JA, Bush, WS, Meiler, J, Capra, JA Three-dimensional spatial analysis of missense variants in RTEL1 identifies pathogenic variants in patients with Familial Interstitial Pneumonia
Fish, AE, Crawford, DC, Capra, JA, Bush, WS Local ancestry transitions modify snp-trait associations
Abbot, P, Capra, JA What is a placental mammal anyway