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Kahn, JM, Kelly, KM, Pei, Q, Bush, R, Friedman, DL, Keller, FG, Bhatia, S, Henderson, TO, Schwartz, CL, Castellino, SM Survival by Race and Ethnicity in Pediatric and Adolescent Patients With Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Children's Oncology Group Study
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Dholaria, B, Savani, BN, Labopin, M, Luznik, L, Ruggeri, A, Mielke, S, Al Malki, MM, Kongtim, P, Fuchs, E, Huang, XJ, Locatelli, F, Aversa, F, Castagna, L, Bacigalupo, A, Martelli, M, Blaise, D, Ben Soussan, P, Arnault, Y, Handgretinger, R, Roy, DC, O'Donnell, P, Bashey, A, Solomon, S, Romee, R, Lewalle, P, Gayoso, J, Maschan, M, Lazarus, HM, Ballen, K, Giebel, S, Baron, F, Ciceri, F, Esteve, J, Gorin, NC, Spyridonidis, A, Schmid, C, Ciurea, SO, Nagler, A, Mohty, M Clinical applications of donor lymphocyte infusion from an HLA-haploidentical donor: consensus recommendations from the acute leukemia working party of the EBMT
Mead, ME, Raja, HA, Steenwyk, JL, Knowles, SL, Oberlies, NH, Rokas, A Draft Genome Sequence of the Griseofulvin-Producing Fungus Xylaria flabelliformis Strain G536
Elgin, TG, Fricke, EM, Gong, H, Reese, J, Mills, DA, Kalantera, KM, Underwood, MA, McElroy, SJ Fetal exposure to maternal inflammation interrupts murine intestinal development and increases susceptibility to neonatal intestinal injury
Temple, KJ, Engers, JL, Long, MF, Gregro, AR, Watson, KJ, Chang, S, Jenkins, MT, Luscombe, VB, Rodriguez, AL, Niswender, CM, Bridges, TM, Conn, PJ, Engers, DW, Lindsley, CW Discovery of a novel 3,4-dimethylcinnoline carboxamide M positive allosteric modulator (PAM) chemotype via scaffold hopping
Siew, ED, Abdel-Kader, K, Perkins, AM, Greevy, RA, Parr, SK, Horner, J, Vincz, AJ, Denton, J, Wilson, OD, Hung, AM, Robinson-Cohen, C, Matheny, ME Timing of Recovery From Moderate to Severe AKI and the Risk for Future Loss of Kidney Function