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Matthew Mead, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar in Biological Sciences
Rokas Lab

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Knowles, SL, Raja, HA, Wright, AJ, Lee, AML, Caesar, LK, Cech, NB, Mead, ME, Steenwyk, JL, Ries, LNA, Goldman, GH, Rokas, A, Oberlies, NH Mapping the Fungal Battlefield: Using Chemistry and Deletion Mutants to Monitor Interspecific Chemical Interactions Between Fungi
Mead, ME, Knowles, SL, Raja, HA, Beattie, SR, Kowalski, CH, Steenwyk, JL, Silva, LP, Chiaratto, J, Ries, LNA, Goldman, GH, Cramer, RA, Oberlies, NH, Rokas, A Characterizing the Pathogenic, Genomic, and Chemical Traits of , a Close Relative of the Major Human Fungal Pathogen
Wu, MY, Mead, ME, Kim, SC, Rokas, A, Yu, JH WetA bridges cellular and chemical development in Aspergillus flavus