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Kara, N, Kent, MR, Didiano, D, Rajaram, K, Zhao, A, Summerbell, ER, Patton, JG The miR-216a-Dot1l Regulatory Axis Is Necessary and Sufficient for Müller Glia Reprogramming during Retina Regeneration
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Zhang, Y, Lin, T, Lian, N, Tao, H, Li, C, Li, L, Yang, X Hop2 Interacts with ATF4 to Promote Osteoblast Differentiation
Mixon, AS, Kripalani, S, Stein, J, Wetterneck, TB, Kaboli, P, Mueller, S, Burdick, E, Nolido, NV, Labonville, S, Minahan, JA, Orav, EJ, Goldstein, J, Schnipper, JL An On-Treatment Analysis of the MARQUIS Study: Interventions to Improve Inpatient Medication Reconciliation
Nagtegaal, ID, Odze, RD, Klimstra, D, Paradis, V, Rugge, M, Schirmacher, P, Washington, MK, Carneiro, F, Cree, IA The 2019 WHO classification of tumours of the digestive system
Hartigan, SM, Reynolds, WS, Dmochowski, RR Detrusor underactivity in women: A current understanding
Kini, M, Thomas, D, Zaidi, N, D'Angelo, D, Dmochowski, R, Chughtai, B Can men with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTs) predict voided volumes
Lumba-Brown, A, Teramoto, M, Bloom, OJ, Brody, D, Chesnutt, J, Clugston, JR, Collins, M, Gioia, G, Kontos, A, Lal, A, Sills, A, Ghajar, J Concussion Guidelines Step 2: Evidence for Subtype Classification
Westermann, RW, Marx, RG, Spindler, KP, Huston, LJ, , , Amendola, A, Andrish, JT, Brophy, RH, Dunn, WR, Flanigan, DC, Jones, MH, Kaeding, CC, Matava, MJ, McCarty, EC, Parker, RD, Reinke, EK, Vidal, AF, Wolcott, ML, Wolf, BR No Difference Between Posterolateral Corner Repair and Reconstruction With Concurrent ACL Surgery: Results From a Prospective Multicenter Cohort