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Katherine L. Friedman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Director of Graduate Studies

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O'Brien, E, Salay, LE, Epum, EA, Friedman, KL, Chazin, WJ, Barton, JK Yeast require redox switching in DNA primase
Schaller, MD, McDowell, G, Porter, A, Shippen, D, Friedman, KL, Gentry, MS, Serio, TR, Sundquist, WI What's in a name
Hill, TD, Ellison, CG, Burdette, AM, Taylor, J, Friedman, KL Dimensions of religious involvement and leukocyte telomere length
Obodo, UC, Epum, EA, Platts, MH, Seloff, J, Dahlson, NA, Velkovsky, SM, Paul, SR, Friedman, KL Endogenous Hot Spots of De Novo Telomere Addition in the Yeast Genome Contain Proximal Enhancers That Bind Cdc13