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Feagan, BG, Schwartz, D, Danese, S, Rubin, DT, Lissoos, TW, Xu, J, Lasch, K Efficacy of vedolizumab in fistulising Crohn's disease: Exploratory analyses of data from GEMINI 2
Seghezzo, S, Arnold, DH, Gay, JC, Moore, PE, Johnson, DP Author response to "do we need to keep playing this tune?"
Zhang, XF, Squires, MH, Bagante, F, Ethun, CG, Salem, A, Weber, SM, Tran, T, Poultsides, G, Son, AY, Hatzaras, I, Jin, L, Fields, RC, Weiss, M, Scoggins, C, Martin, RCG, Isom, CA, Idrees, K, Mogal, HD, Shen, P, Maithel, SK, Schmidt, CR, Pawlik, TM The Impact of Intraoperative Re-Resection of a Positive Bile Duct Margin on Clinical Outcomes for Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma
Mousa, JJ, Binshtein, E, Human, S, Fong, RH, Alvarado, G, Doranz, BJ, Moore, ML, Ohi, MD, Crowe, JE Human antibody recognition of antigenic site IV on Pneumovirus fusion proteins
Ciurea, SO, Labopin, M, Socie, G, Volin, L, Passweg, J, Chevallier, P, Beelen, D, Milpied, N, Blaise, D, Cornelissen, JJ, Fegueux, N, Polge, E, Kongtim, P, Rondon, G, Esteve, J, Mohty, M, Savani, BN, Champlin, RE, Nagler, A Relapse and survival after transplantation for complex karyotype acute myeloid leukemia: A report from the Acute Leukemia Working Party of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Ding, GX, Alaei, P, Curran, B, Flynn, R, Gossman, M, Mackie, TR, Miften, M, Morin, R, Xu, XG, Zhu, TC Image Guidance Doses Delivered During Radiotherapy: Quantification, Management, and Reduction: Report of the AAPM Therapy Physics Committee Task Group 180
El-Khoueiry, AB, Sarantopoulos, J, O'Bryant, CL, Ciombor, KK, Xu, H, O'Gorman, M, Chakrabarti, J, Usari, T, El-Rayes, BF Evaluation of hepatic impairment on pharmacokinetics and safety of crizotinib in patients with advanced cancer
Tafreshi, M, Guan, J, Gorrell, RJ, Chew, N, Xin, Y, Deswaerte, V, Rohde, M, Daly, RJ, Peek, RM, Jenkins, BJ, Davies, EM, Kwok, T Type IV Secretion System and Its Adhesin Subunit, CagL, Mediate Potent Inflammatory Responses in Primary Human Endothelial Cells
Robinson, JR, Conroy, PC, Hardison, D, Hamid, R, Grubb, PH, Pietsch, JB, Lovvorn, HN Rapid resolution of hyperammonemia in neonates using extracorporeal membrane oxygenation as a platform to drive hemodialysis
Ruebsam, A, Dulle, JE, Myers, AM, Sakrikar, D, Green, KM, Khan, NW, Schey, K, Fort, PE A specific phosphorylation regulates the protective role of αA-crystallin in diabetes
Arreola, A, Payne, LB, Julian, MH, de Cubas, AA, Daniels, AB, Taylor, S, Zhao, H, Darden, J, Bautch, VL, Rathmell, WK, Chappell, JC Von Hippel-Lindau mutations disrupt vascular patterning and maturation via Notch
Gu, J, Hardy, J, Boo, I, Vietheer, P, McCaffrey, K, Alhammad, Y, Chopra, A, Gaudieri, S, Poumbourios, P, Coulibaly, F, Drummer, HE Escape of Hepatitis C virus from epitope I neutralization increases sensitivity of other neutralization epitopes
Drilon, A, Laetsch, TW, Kummar, S, DuBois, SG, Lassen, UN, Demetri, GD, Nathenson, M, Doebele, RC, Farago, AF, Pappo, AS, Turpin, B, Dowlati, A, Brose, MS, Mascarenhas, L, Federman, N, Berlin, J, El-Deiry, WS, Baik, C, Deeken, J, Boni, V, Nagasubramanian, R, Taylor, M, Rudzinski, ER, Meric-Bernstam, F, Sohal, DPS, Ma, PC, Raez, LE, Hechtman, JF, Benayed, R, Ladanyi, M, Tuch, BB, Ebata, K, Cruickshank, S, Ku, NC, Cox, MC, Hawkins, DS, Hong, DS, Hyman, DM Efficacy of Larotrectinib in TRK Fusion-Positive Cancers in Adults and Children