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Elwood Mullins, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Scholar in Biological Sciences
Eichman Lab

Abstracts from PubMed

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Shi, R, Mullins, EA, Shen, XX, Lay, KT, Yuen, PK, David, SS, Rokas, A, Eichman, BF Selective base excision repair of DNA damage by the non-base-flipping DNA glycosylase AlkC
Mullins, EA, Warren, GM, Bradley, NP, Eichman, BF Structure of a DNA glycosylase that unhooks interstrand cross-links
Mullins, EA, Shi, R, Parsons, ZD, Yuen, PK, David, SS, Igarashi, Y, Eichman, BF The DNA glycosylase AlkD uses a non-base-flipping mechanism to excise bulky lesions
Mullins, EA, Rubinson, EH, Pereira, KN, Calcutt, MW, Christov, PP, Eichman, BF An HPLC-tandem mass spectrometry method for simultaneous detection of alkylated base excision repair products