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Dallas, J, Mummareddy, N, Yengo-Kahn, AM, Dambrino, RJ, Lopez, AM, Chambless, LB, Berkman, R, Chitale, RV, Bonfield, CM, Offodile, RS, Durham, S, Wellons, JC, Thompson, RC, Zuckerman, SL Neurosurgery Elective for Preclinical Medical Students With and Without a Home Neurosurgery Program
Menachem, JN, Beckman, JA All For One or One For All
Wright, A, McEvoy, DS, Aaron, S, McCoy, AB, Amato, MG, Kim, H, Ai, A, Cimino, JJ, Desai, BR, El-Kareh, R, Galanter, W, Longhurst, CA, Malhotra, S, Radecki, RP, Samal, L, Schreiber, R, Shelov, E, Sirajuddin, AM, Sittig, DF Structured override reasons for drug-drug interaction alerts in electronic health records
Yarom, N, Shapiro, CL, Peterson, DE, Van Poznak, CH, Bohlke, K, Ruggiero, SL, Migliorati, CA, Khan, A, Morrison, A, Anderson, H, Murphy, BA, Alston-Johnson, D, Mendes, RA, Beadle, BM, Jensen, SB, Saunders, DP Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw: MASCC/ISOO/ASCO Clinical Practice Guideline
Carpena-Núñez, J, Boscoboinik, JA, Saber, S, Rao, R, Zhong, JQ, Maschmann, MR, Kidambi, PR, Dee, NT, Zakharov, DN, Hart, AJ, Stach, EA, Maruyama, B Isolating the Roles of Hydrogen Exposure and Trace Carbon Contamination on the Formation of Active Catalyst Populations for Carbon Nanotube Growth
Mzayek, F, Wang, LE, Relyea, G, Yu, X, Terry, JG, Carr, J, Hundley, GW, Hall, ME, Correa, A Impact of Abdominal Obesity on Proximal and Distal Aorta Wall Thickness in African Americans: The Jackson Heart Study
Thomas, G, ChoI, DY, Doppalapudi, H, Richards, M, Iwai, S, Daoud, EG, Houmsse, M, Kanagasundram, AN, Mainigi, SK, Lubitz, SA, Cheung, JW Subclinical Atrial Fibrillation Detection with a Floating Atrial Sensing Dipole in Single Lead Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Systems: Results of the SENSE Trial
Lillemoe, HA, Stonko, DP, George, BC, Schuller, MC, Fryer, JP, Sullivan, ME, Terhune, KP, Geevarghese, SK A Preoperative Educational Time-Out is Associated with Improved Resident Goal Setting and Strengthens Educational Experiences
Filshtein, TJ, Brenowitz, WD, Mayeda, ER, Hohman, TJ, Walter, S, Jones, RN, Elahi, FM, Glymour, MM Reserve and Alzheimer's disease genetic risk: Effects on hospitalization and mortality
de Castro-Abeger, A, Gangaputra, S Tattoo Inflammation and Sarcoid Uveitis
Betts, MJ, Kirilina, E, Otaduy, MCG, Ivanov, D, Acosta-Cabronero, J, Callaghan, MF, Lambert, C, Cardenas-Blanco, A, Pine, K, Passamonti, L, Loane, C, Keuken, MC, Trujillo, P, Lüsebrink, F, Mattern, H, Liu, KY, Priovoulos, N, Fliessbach, K, Dahl, MJ, Maaß, A, Madelung, CF, Meder, D, Ehrenberg, AJ, Speck, O, Weiskopf, N, Dolan, R, Inglis, B, Tosun, D, Morawski, M, Zucca, FA, Siebner, HR, Mather, M, Uludag, K, Heinsen, H, Poser, BA, Howard, R, Zecca, L, Rowe, JB, Grinberg, LT, Jacobs, HIL, Düzel, E, Hämmerer, D Locus coeruleus imaging as a biomarker for noradrenergic dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases
Kilpatrick, ZP, Holmes, WR, Eissa, TL, Josić, K Optimal models of decision-making in dynamic environments
Bushnell, GA, Gaynes, BN, Compton, SN, Dusetzina, SB, Olfson, M, Stürmer, T Incident Substance Use Disorder Following Anxiety Disorder in Privately Insured Youth