Journal Club – Fall 2017

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Date Title Speaker
30 August 2017 “On the initial binary population for star cluster simulations” by Belloni et al. (2017) [1707.04271] Karl Jaehnig
6 September 2017 “Accurate Modelling of Galaxy Clustering on Small Scales: Testing the Standard $\Lambda\mathrm{CDM}$ + Halo Model” by Sinha et al. (2017) [1708.04892] Gillian Beltz-Mohrmann
13 September 2017 “Star Formation at z = 2.481 in the Lensed Galaxy SDSS J1110 = 6459. I. Lens Modeling and Source Reconstruction” by Johnson et al. (2017) [1707.00707] Sam Dunham
20 September 2017 “{\sc Mufasa}:The strength and evolution of galaxy conformity in various tracers” by
Rafieferantsoa et al. (2017) [1707.01950]
Victor Calderon
27 September 2017 “Morphology and enhanced star formation in a Cartwheel-like ring galaxy” by
Renaud et al. (2017) [1709.02826]
Mehnaaz Asad
4 October, 2017 “An automatic taxonomy of galaxy morphology using unsupervised machine learning” by
Hocking et al. (2017) [1709.05834]
Nicholas Chason
11 October, 2017 “Supersonic Gas Streams Enhance the Formation of Massive Black Holes in the Early Universe” by
Hirano et al. (2017) [1709.09863]
Glenna Dunn
24 October, 2017 “OGLE-2017-BLG-0173Lb: Low Mass-Ratio Planet in a “Hollywood” Microlensing Event” by
Hwang et al. (2017) [1709.08476]
Savannah Jacklin
25 October, 2017 “Spectral-line Observations Using a Phased Array Feed on the Parkes Telescope” by
Reynolds et al. (2017) [1709.05085]
John Hood
7 November, 2017 “Impact of Cosmological Satellites on Stellar Discs: Dissecting One Satellite at a Time” by
Hu et al. (2017) [1709.06107]
Abigail Petulante
8 November, 2017 “The diversity of assembly histories leading to disc galaxy formation in a LambdaCDM model” by
Font et al. (2017) [1710.00415]
Antonio Porras
15 November, 2017 “Amplitude variations of modulated RV Tauri stars support the dust obscuration model of the RVb phenomenon” by
Kiss et al. (2017) [1711.03414]
Laura Vega
22 November, 2017 No AJC – Thanksgiving
28 November, 2017 “The formation of hot gaseous haloes around galaxies” by
Correa et al. (2017) [1709.01938]
Christina Davis
29 November, 2017 “Determination of Dark Matter Halo Mass from Dynamics of Satellite Galaxies” by
Li et al. (2017) [1710.08003]
Adam Szewciw
6 December, 2017 “Detecting outliers and learning complex structures with large spectroscopic surveys – a case study with APOGEE stars” by
Reis et al. (2017) [1711.00022]
George Vejar
13 December, 2017 “On-sky Performance Analysis of the Vector Apodizing Phase Plate Coronagraph on MagAO/Clio2” by
Otten et al. (2017) [1702.04193]
Rose Perea

Talks from special visitors are highlighted in red.  Talks at non-standard times or locations are highlighted in blue.

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