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Resources for Anthropology

Anthropology laboratories

The department has high-end laboratories equipped to work with the state of the art technology for Archeology in GIS, Remote Sensing, Archaemotery and Photogrammetry. To work on Bioarchaeology and Bioanthropology research, we also have genetics and an isotope laboratory. Additionally, our undergraduates have access to an osteology lab where they learn the basic training of handling osteological collections. 


Library Resources

library resources

 "This guide will help you navigate the maze of Anthropology & Archaeology resources available here at the Central Library and highlight quality resources on the Web. Please feel free to contact us at any time during your research process for additional help."

-Ramona RomeroLibrarian for Anthropology, Philosophy, and Classical and Mediterranean Studies

-Paula Covington Librarian for Latin American, Iberian and Latino Studies; Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies



Journals and Publications

Interdisciplinary Centers at Vanderbilt