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professor showing a skull to a group of students


1000 Level

ANTH 1001: Commons iSeminar

ANTH 1101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 1111: First-Year Writing Seminar

ANTH 1130W: America through the Lens of Disney

ANTH 1201: Introduction to Archaeology

ANTH 1201W: Introduction to Archaeology

ANTH 1301: Introduction to Biological Anthropology

ANTH 1601: Introduction to Language and Culture

2000 Level

ANTH 2101: Theories of Culture

ANTH 2102: Problems in Anthropological Theory

ANTH 2105: Race in the Americas

ANTH 2106: Culture and Power in Latin America

ANTH 2108: Indigenous Peoples of Lowland South America

ANTH 2109: Food Politics in America

ANTH 2110: Gender and Cultural Politics

ANTH 2113W: Food, Identity, and Culture

ANTH 2114: Above and Below the Surface: The Caribbean between Climate Change and Tourism

ANTH 2115: Eating the Nation: Gastro-nationalism, Neoliberal Production, and Identity Politics in Spain

ANTH 2116W: Coffee: Biology, Culture, and Political Economy

ANTH 2117W: Borders and Territories: The Making of Land and the People

ANTH 2120: Sports, Culture, and Society

ANTH 2130: Global Infrastructure and Everyday Life

ANTH 2150: Urban Ecology

ANTH 2160: Creating Community

ANTH 2160W: Creating Community

ANTH 2170W: Contemporary Indigenous Cultures in Global Context

ANTH 2211: Archaeology

ANTH 2214: Art and Architecture of the Ancient Americas

ANTH 2220: Human Landscapes

ANTH 2220W: Human Landscapes

ANTH 2221: Old World Archaeology

ANTH 2222: North American Archaeology

ANTH 2223: Native North Americas

ANTH 2224: Cultural Resource Management: Applied Archeology in the United States

ANTH 2225: Climate Change, Collapse, and Sustainability in History

ANTH 2226W: Modern World Archaeology

ANTH 2227: Food in the Ancient World

ANTH 2228W: The Green Planet: Plants in Human History

ANTH 2229: Contested Ground: Sacred Sites Across the Ancient World

ANTH 2229W: Contested Ground: Sacred Sites Across the Ancient World

ANTH 2230: South American Archaeology

ANTH 2231: Ancient Andean Civilizations

ANTH 2242: The Archaeology of Ancient Maya Civilization

ANTH 2242W: The Archaeology of Ancient Maya Civilization

ANTH 2250: Contemporary Middle East and Kurdistan

ANTH 2275: Untimely People and Matters

ANTH 2275W: Untimely People and Matters

ANTH 2342: Biology of Inequality

ANTH 2370: Death and the Body

ANTH 2371: Reading the Bones: Bioarcheology and Forensic Studies in the Peruvian Andes

ANTH 2375: Making Racism Visible: Media and Civil Rights from MLK to Black Lives Matter

ANTH 2381W: The Clothes We Wear: Textiles, Clothing and Fashion in a Global World

ANTH 2400: Public Health, Language, Media, and Risk Management

ANTH 2601: Introduction to Linguistics

ANTH 2602: Anthropological Linguistics

ANTH 2602W: The Social Life of Language

ANTH 2603: Comparative Writing Systems

ANTH 2800: Theatre and Social Change: Theatre as Applied Activism

3000 Level

ANTH 3050: A.I. and Material Culture

ANTH 3120: Sociocultural Field Methods

ANTH 3121: Global Wealth and Poverty

ANTH 3122: The Anthropology of Globalization

ANTH 3125: Public Scholarship Practicum in Community Research

ANTH 3130: Andean Culture and Society

ANTH 3132: Social Movements

ANTH 3133: Political Anthropology: States and Their Secrets

ANTH 3134: Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples

ANTH 3135: Development, Social Enterprise, Social Justice

ANTH 3136: Cultural Heritage in Contest: The Future of the Past

ANTH 3138: Global Food Politics

ANTH 3140: Myth, Ritual, Belief: The Anthropology of Religion

ANTH 3141: Anthropology of Healing

ANTH 3143: Medical Anthropology

ANTH 3144: Politics of Reproductive Health

ANTH 3145: Sexuality, Gender, and Culture

ANTH 3150: Cognitive Anthropology

ANTH 3150W: Cognitive Anthropology

ANTH 3161: Colonial Encounters in the Americas

ANTH 3162: Material Culture of New World Slavery

ANTH 3200: Ancient Cities

ANTH 3202: The Collapse of Civilizations

ANTH 3240: Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations

ANTH 3241: The Aztecs

ANTH 3243: Ancient Maya Gods and Rulers

ANTH 3243W: Ancient Maya Goods and Rulers

ANTH 3250: The Inca Empire

ANTH 3260: Crafting Pottery in the Ancient World

ANTH 3260W: Crafting Pottery in the Ancient World

ANTH 3261: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing

ANTH 3262: Ethics in Anthropology, Archaeology, and Development

ANTH 3270: Underwater and Maritime Archaeology

ANTH 3333: Topics

ANTH 3333W: Topics

ANTH 3343: Biology and Culture of Race

ANTH 3344: Genetic Anthropology Lab Techniques

ANTH 3345: Genetics in Society

ANTH 3346: Human Adaptation and Disease

ANTH 3347: Bioethics in Anthropology

ANTH 3371: Social and Health Consequences of Pandemics

ANTH 3372: Human Osteology

ANTH 3620: Maya Language and Literature

ANTH 3622: Classic Maya Language and Hieroglyphs

ANTH 3622W: Classic Maya Language and Hieroglyphs

ANTH 3850: Independent Research

ANTH 3850: Independent Research

ANTH 3862: Field Research

ANTH 3866: Archaeological Excavation

ANTH 3867: Digital Archaeology: Analysis and Curation of Material Culture

ANTH 3868: Introduction to Archaeological Science

ANTH 3880: Internship Training

ANTH 3881: Internship Readings and Research

ANTH 3890: Special Topics

4000 Level

ANTH 4120: The Archaeology of Agriculture: A Technological Approach

ANTH 4152: Activism and Social Change: Theory, Experience, and Practice

ANTH 4153: Economic Anthropology

ANTH 4154: Environmental Anthropology

ANTH 4155: Realities and Worldviews: Why Culture Matters

ANTH 4156: Racial Experience and Politics

ANTH 4160: Research Methods Workshops

ANTH 4201W: Origins of Social Inequality

ANTH 4345: Human Evolutionary Genetics

ANTH 4373: Health and Disease in Ancient Populations

ANTH 4998: Honors Research

ANTH 4999: Honors Thesis