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Certificate Programs

Vanderbilt offers a variety of graduate certificates that students can puruse alongside their Ph.D. in anthropology.

Certificate in Latino and Latina Studies and Certificate in Latin American Studies

Vanderbilt’s Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies (CLACX) fosters research and public engagement that centers on populations that cross and re-cross borders constructed by geography, linguistics, class, race, and gender. As an interdisciplinary field of study, CLACX provides students the tools that allow them to succeed in a global marketplace: the ability to think comparatively and critically, in several languages, and to engage with the largest demographic populations in the Western Hemisphere.

CLACX offers two graduate certificates: in Latino and Latina Studies and in Latin American Studies. To enroll in either program, students must seek approval from their faculty adviser and from CLACX.

Certificate in Global Health

The Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health (VIGH) facilitates the expansion and coordination of global health research, technical assistance, and training initiatives at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and reflects the institution’s commitment to improving health services and outcomes in resource-limited settings.

VIGH offers an interdisciplinary certificate program in global public health, in which students learn basic global health knowledge and skills that will help them make positive contributions in communities at home and across the globe.

Certificate in Gender Studies

Offered by the Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies, the graduate certificate in gender and sexuality studies provides graduate students access to interdisciplinary scholarship in the robust field of gender studies; supplies them with a valuable professional credentials; and strengthens their ability to compete for jobs, national fellowships, and postdoctoral awards.

Certificate in African American and Diaspora Studies

The Department of African American and Diaspora Studies (AADS) offers an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and comparative curriculum of study covering the histories, literatures, music, visual cultures, and politics of people of African descent around the world. AADS focuses on several geographic areas: Africa, the Americas (North and Latin America), and the Caribbean.

The certificate in African American and diaspora studies has been designed to compliment students’ disciplinary training, exposing them to the interdisciplinary trends in the academy and broadening their career possibilities. The certificate is open to any student enrolled in graduate study at Vanderbilt University.

Certificate in Social Impact

The Turner Family Center for Social Ventures (TFC) is a trans-institutional, student-led organization that develops socially and environmentally conscious leaders by providing resources and opportunities for social impact.

Open to all Vanderbilt graduate students, TFC’s social impact certificate is for students who demonstrate leadership skills and understanding of social enterprise. Through hands-on learning and educational programming, students apply their skills and knowledge to a wide range of careers.