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Goyal, N, Jowett, N, Dwojak, S, Cunane, MB, Zander, D, Hadlock, TA, Emerick, KS Use of the submental vessels for free gracilis muscle transfer for smile reanimation
Stephenson, MK, Lenihan, S, Covarrubias, R, Huttinger, RM, Gumina, RJ, Sawyer, DB, Galindo, CL Scanning Electron Microscopy of Macerated Tissue to Visualize the Extracellular Matrix
Hutton, JE, Wang, X, Zimmerman, LJ, Slebos, RJ, Trenary, IA, Young, JD, Li, M, Liebler, DC Oncogenic KRAS and BRAF drive metabolic reprogramming in colorectal cancer
Ritchie, CS, Houston, TK, Richman, JS, Sobko, HJ, Berner, ES, Taylor, BB, Salanitro, AH, Locher, JL The E-Coach technology-assisted care transition system: a pragmatic randomized trial
Kiernan, CM, Schlegel, C, Kavalukas, S, Isom, C, Peters, MF, Solórzano, CC Does concomitant thyroidectomy increase risks of parathyroidectomy
Dahlerus, C, Quinn, M, Messersmith, E, Lachance, L, Subramanian, L, Perry, E, Cole, J, Zhao, J, Lee, C, McCall, M, Paulson, L, Tentori, F Patient Perspectives on the Choice of Dialysis Modality: Results From the Empowering Patients on Choices for Renal Replacement Therapy (EPOCH-RRT) Study