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Ho, JE, Larson, MG, Ghorbani, A, Cheng, S, Chen, MH, Keyes, M, Rhee, EP, Clish, CB, Vasan, RS, Gerszten, RE, Wang, TJ Metabolomic Profiles of Body Mass Index in the Framingham Heart Study Reveal Distinct Cardiometabolic Phenotypes
Held, EP, Iglesia, EA, Johnson, AS, Fang, JY, Wilson, MH, Abel, TW, Lake, W, Siew, ED Neurosarcoidosis Presenting as Aseptic Meningitis in an Immunosuppressed Renal Transplant Recipient
West, JD, Carrier, EJ, Bloodworth, NC, Schroer, AK, Chen, P, Ryzhova, LM, Gladson, S, Shay, S, Hutcheson, JD, Merryman, WD Serotonin 2B Receptor Antagonism Prevents Heritable Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Marien, E, Meister, M, Muley, T, Gomez Del Pulgar, T, Derua, R, Spraggins, JM, Van de Plas, R, Vanderhoydonc, F, Machiels, J, Binda, MM, Dehairs, J, Willette Brown, J, Hu, Y, Dienemann, H, Thomas, M, Schnabel, PA, Caprioli, RM, Lacal, JC, Waelkens, E, Swinnen, JV Phospholipid profiling identifies acyl chain elongation as a ubiquitous trait and potential target for the treatment of lung squamous cell carcinoma
Sue, PK, Salazar-Austin, NM, McDonald, OG, Rishi, A, Cornish, TC, Arav-Boger, R Cytomegalovirus Enterocolitis in Immunocompetent Young Children: A Report of Two Cases and Review of the Literature
Byrne, M, Mannis, GN, Nair, J, Andreadis, C Inferior vena cava filter thrombosis
Krause, ML, Crowson, CS, Bongartz, T, Matteson, EL, Michet, CJ, Mason, TG, Persellin, ST, Gabriel, SE, Davis, JM Determinants of Disability in Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Community-Based Cohort Study
Triplett, TA, Cardenas, KT, Lancaster, JN, Hu, Z, Selden, HJ, Jasso, GJ, Balasubramanyam, S, Chan, K, Li, L, Chen, X, Marcogliese, AN, Davé, UP, Love, PE, Ehrlich, LI Endogenous dendritic cells from the tumor microenvironment support T-ALL growth via IGF1R activation
Justice, AC, McGinnis, KA, Tate, JP, Braithwaite, RS, Bryant, KJ, Cook, RL, Edelman, EJ, Fiellin, LE, Freiberg, MS, Gordon, AJ, Kraemer, KL, Marshall, BD, Williams, EC, Fiellin, DA Risk of mortality and physiologic injury evident with lower alcohol exposure among HIV infected compared with uninfected men
Walford, GA, Ma, Y, Clish, C, Florez, JC, Wang, TJ, Gerszten, RE, , Metabolite profiles of diabetes incidence and intervention response in the Diabetes Prevention Program
Zenga, J, Graboyes, EM, Haughey, BH, Paniello, RC, Mehrad, M, Lewis, JS, Thorstad, WL, Nussenbaum, B, Rich, JT Definitive Surgical Therapy after Open Neck Biopsy for HPV-Related Oropharyngeal Cancer
Moore, MG, Netterville, JL, Mendenhall, WM, Isaacson, B, Nussenbaum, B Head and Neck Paragangliomas: An Update on Evaluation and Management
Van Driest, SL, Marshall, MD, Hachey, B, Beck, C, Crum, K, Owen, J, Smith, AH, Kannankeril, PJ, Woodworth, A, Caprioli, RM, Choi, L Pragmatic Pharmacology: Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Fentanyl using Remnant Samples from Children after Cardiac Surgery
Nelson, SH, Marinac, CR, Patterson, RE, Nechuta, SJ, Flatt, SW, Caan, BJ, Kwan, ML, Poole, EM, Chen, WY, Shu, XO, Pierce, JP Impact of very low physical activity, BMI, and comorbidities on mortality among breast cancer survivors
Kent, M, Penson, DF, Albertsen, PC, Goodman, M, Hamilton, AS, Stanford, JL, Stroup, AM, Ehdaie, B, Scardino, PT, Vickers, AJ Successful external validation of a model to predict other cause mortality in localized prostate cancer