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Sundermann, AC, Abell, TD, Baker, LC, Mengel, MB, Reilly, KE, Bonow, MA, Hoy, GE, Clover, RD The impact of maternal adiposity specialization on infant birthweight: upper versus lower body fat
Gilchuk, I, Gilchuk, P, Sapparapu, G, Lampley, R, Singh, V, Kose, N, Blum, DL, Hughes, LJ, Satheshkumar, PS, Townsend, MB, Kondas, AV, Reed, Z, Weiner, Z, Olson, VA, Hammarlund, E, Raue, HP, Slifka, MK, Slaughter, JC, Graham, BS, Edwards, KM, Eisenberg, RJ, Cohen, GH, Joyce, S, Crowe, JE Cross-Neutralizing and Protective Human Antibody Specificities to Poxvirus Infections
Bamba, R, Waitayawinyu, T, Nookala, R, Riley, DC, Boyer, RB, Sexton, KW, Boonyasirikool, C, Niempoog, S, Kelm, ND, Does, MD, Dortch, RD, Shack, RB, Thayer, WP A novel therapy to promote axonal fusion in human digital nerves
Foreman, PM, Griessenauer, CJ, Kicielinski, KP, Schmalz, PG, Rocque, BG, Fusco, MR, Sullivan, JC, Deveikis, JP, Harrigan, MR Reliability assessment of the Biffl Scale for blunt traumatic cerebrovascular injury as detected on computer tomography angiography
Sarli, N, Marien, T, Mitchell, CR, Del Giudice, G, Dietrich, MS, Herrell, SD, Simaan, N Kinematic and experimental investigation of manual resection tools for transurethral bladder tumor resection
Rhee, MS, Sawhney, N, Kim, YS, Rhee, HJ, Hurlbert, JC, St John, FJ, Nong, G, Rice, JD, Preston, JF GH115 α-glucuronidase and GH11 xylanase from Paenibacillus sp. JDR-2: potential roles in processing glucuronoxylans
Kim, JH, Singh, R, Pagani, FD, Desai, SS, Haglund, NA, Dunlay, SM, Maltais, S, Aaronson, KD, Stulak, JM, Davis, ME, Salerno, CT, Cowger, JA, Shah, P, , Ventricular Assist Device Therapy in Older Patients with Heart Failure: Characteristics and Outcomes
Jones, WS, Roe, MT, Antman, EM, Pletcher, MJ, Harrington, RA, Rothman, RL, Oetgen, WJ, Rao, SV, Krucoff, MW, Curtis, LH, Hernandez, AF, Masoudi, FA The Changing Landscape of Randomized Clinical Trials in Cardiovascular Disease
Magruder, JT, Grimm, JC, Crawford, TC, Tedford, RJ, Russell, SD, Sciortino, CM, Whitman, GJ, Shah, AS Survival After Orthotopic Heart Transplantation in Patients Undergoing Bridge to Transplantation With the HeartWare HVAD Versus the Heartmate II
Cheung, KH, Keerthikumar, S, Roncaglia, P, Subramanian, SL, Roth, ME, Samuel, M, Anand, S, Gangoda, L, Gould, S, Alexander, R, Galas, D, Gerstein, MB, Hill, AF, Kitchen, RR, Lötvall, J, Patel, T, Procaccini, DC, Quesenberry, P, Rozowsky, J, Raffai, RL, Shypitsyna, A, Su, AI, Théry, C, Vickers, K, Wauben, MH, Mathivanan, S, Milosavljevic, A, Laurent, LC Extending gene ontology in the context of extracellular RNA and vesicle communication