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Stevenson, DG, Grabowski, DC, Keating, NL, Huskamp, HA Effect of Ownership on Hospice Service Use: 2005-2011
Kahle, KT, Khanna, AR, Duan, J, Staley, KJ, Delpire, E, Poduri, A The KCC2 Cotransporter and Human Epilepsy: Getting Excited About Inhibition
Nguyen, TT, Donahue, BS Sex matching and red cell safety
Berry, R, Paskaranandavadivel, N, Du, P, Trew, ML, O'Grady, G, Windsor, JA, Cheng, LK A novel retractable laparoscopic device for mapping gastrointestinal slow wave propagation patterns
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Schaarschmidt, J, Nagel, MB, Huth, S, Jaeschke, H, Moretti, R, Hintze, V, von Bergen, M, Kalkhof, S, Meiler, J, Paschke, R Rearrangement of the extracellular domain/extracellular loop 1 interface is critical for thyrotropin receptor activation
Lin, W, Lin, HD, Guo, XY, Lin, Y, Su, FX, Jia, WH, Tang, LY, Zheng, W, Long, JR, Ren, ZF Allelic expression imbalance polymorphisms in susceptibility chromosome regions and the risk and survival of breast cancer
Hollar, MW, Zhang, MM, Mawn, LA Ophthalmic Disparities in Transgender Patients
Elsamadicy, A, Adogwa, O, Reiser, E, Fatemi, P, Cheng, J, Bagley, C The Effect of Patient Race on Extent of Functional Improvement After Cervical Spine Surgery
Parrish, NF, Tomonaga, K Endogenized viral sequences in mammals
Nichols, EE, Richmond, A, Daniels, AB Disparities in Uveal Melanoma: Patient Characteristics