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Gogoi, M, Datey, A, Wilson, KT, Chakravortty, D Dual role of arginine metabolism in establishing pathogenesis
Rodriguez, EM, Murphy, L, Vannatta, K, Gerhardt, CA, Young-Saleme, T, Saylor, M, Bemis, H, Desjardins, L, Dunn, MJ, Compas, BE Maternal Coping and Depressive Symptoms as Predictors of Mother-Child Communication About a Child's Cancer
Wang, F, Kopylov, D, Zu, Z, Takahashi, K, Wang, S, Quarles, CC, Gore, JC, Harris, RC, Takahashi, T Mapping murine diabetic kidney disease using chemical exchange saturation transfer MRI
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Kennelly, M, Dmochowski, R, Schulte-Baukloh, H, Ethans, K, Del Popolo, G, Moore, C, Jenkins, B, Guard, S, Zheng, Y, Karsenty, G, , Efficacy and safety of onabotulinumtoxinA therapy are sustained over 4 years of treatment in patients with neurogenic detrusor overactivity: Final results of a long-term extension study
Nechuta, S, Chen, WY, Cai, H, Poole, EM, Kwan, ML, Flatt, SW, Patterson, RE, Pierce, JP, Caan, BJ, Shu, XO A pooled analysis of post-diagnosis lifestyle factors in association with late estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer prognosis
Reese, T, Villegas, L, Wood, J, Gotte, A 21-Month-Old Boy With Refusal to Walk, Rash, and Weight Loss
Prescott, J, Setiawan, VW, Wentzensen, N, Schumacher, F, Yu, H, Delahanty, R, Bernstein, L, Chanock, SJ, Chen, C, Cook, LS, Friedenreich, C, Garcia-Closas, M, Haiman, CA, Le Marchand, L, Liang, X, Lissowska, J, Lu, L, Magliocco, AM, Olson, SH, Risch, HA, Shu, XO, Ursin, G, Yang, HP, Kraft, P, De Vivo, I Body Mass Index Genetic Risk Score and Endometrial Cancer Risk
Anderson, ST, Dorris, M, Littles, M, Rodriguez, T, Spear, M Working Out the Woes: An Analysis of the Impact of Exercise on Depression