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McDonald, OG, Li, X, Saunders, T, Tryggvadottir, R, Mentch, SJ, Warmoes, MO, Word, AE, Carrer, A, Salz, TH, Natsume, S, Stauffer, KM, Makohon-Moore, A, Zhong, Y, Wu, H, Wellen, KE, Locasale, JW, Iacobuzio-Donahue, CA, Feinberg, AP Epigenomic reprogramming during pancreatic cancer progression links anabolic glucose metabolism to distant metastasis
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Arlinghaus, LR, Dortch, RD, Whisenant, JG, Kang, H, Abramson, RG, Yankeelov, TE Quantitative Magnetization Transfer Imaging of the Breast at 3.0 T: Reproducibility in Healthy Volunteers
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Barber, DM, Schönberger, M, Burgstaller, J, Levitz, J, Weaver, CD, Isacoff, EY, Baier, H, Trauner, D Optical control of neuronal activity using a light-operated GIRK channel opener (LOGO)
Buchbinder, R, Page, MJ, Huang, H, Verhagen, AP, Beaton, D, Kopkow, C, Lenza, M, Jain, NB, Richards, B, Richards, P, Voshaar, M, van der Windt, D, Gagnier, JJ, , A Preliminary Core Domain Set for Clinical Trials of Shoulder Disorders: A Report from the OMERACT 2016 Shoulder Core Outcome Set Special Interest Group
Dang, LC, Castrellon, JJ, Perkins, SF, Le, NT, Cowan, RL, Zald, DH, Samanez-Larkin, GR Reduced effects of age on dopamine D2 receptor levels in physically active adults
Siska, PJ, Beckermann, KE, Rathmell, WK, Haake, SM Strategies to overcome therapeutic resistance in renal cell carcinoma
Moro, RN, Sterling, TR, Saukkonen, J, Vernon, A, Horsburgh, CR, Chaisson, RE, Hamilton, CD, Villarino, ME, Goldberg, S Factors associated with non-completion of follow-up: 33-month latent tuberculous infection treatment trial
Roy, N, Takeuchi, KK, Ruggeri, JM, Bailey, P, Chang, D, Li, J, Leonhardt, L, Puri, S, Hoffman, MT, Gao, S, Halbrook, CJ, Song, Y, Ljungman, M, Malik, S, Wright, CV, Dawson, DW, Biankin, AV, Hebrok, M, Crawford, HC PDX1 dynamically regulates pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma initiation and maintenance