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Clint Hendrix

Lead Coordinator of Spanish Language Courses and Coordinator of Intermediate Spanish 2203
Principal Senior Lecturer

Hendrix, Senior Lecturer, Lead Coordinator of Spanish Language Courses, and Coordinator of Intermediate Spanish 2203, has taught an array of courses over including elementary and intermediate Spanish, conversation, composition, and introduction to Hispanic literature.  For the past nine years, Hendrix has mentored and facilitated first-year students' acculturation to VU within the Vanderbilt Visions programs. In addition to teaching a course integrating Spanish cinema and cuisine, in which students learned about post Civil War Spain through film analysis and food preparation, he has more recently developed a first-year writing seminar integrating gender studies and post-Franco film studies. During the summer, Hendrix teaches film studies and Spanish language courses in the foothills of Appalachia with the Kentucky Governor's Scholars Program. His interests include film, literary theory, second language acquisition, and gender studies.