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Milton André Ramos Chacón

Graduate Student

André Ramos-Chacón is a Ph.D. candidate in Spanish with a minor in History. He studies 16th century colonial chronicles, 17th century baroque literature, and 20th century indigenous Latin American literature.

André’s research and teaching combine literature with history, and he practices paleography and archival work, and studies Latin, Quechua, and Nahuatl.

André’s dissertation-in-progress studies the works of three 16th century authors situated in the geographical and cultural internal frontiers of the Spanish Empire. They are: Titu Cusi Yupanqui (c.1535–1570) in Vilcabamba, Diego Muñoz Camargo (c.1529–1599) in Tlaxcala, and Miguel de Luna (c.1550–1619) in Granada.