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The Place of Memory


Learotha Williams, Jr., and Amie Thurber (left) discuss their collection “I’ll Take You There: Exploring Nashville’s Social Justices Sites” at the 2024 Annual Harry C. Howard, Jr., Lecture. March 1, 2024. (Photo: Kristi Irving)

With equal emphasis on “place” and “memory,” the Robert Penn Warren Center invited the Vanderbilt community to create, research, and (re)think what it means to navigate remembering and forgetting in our post-COVID, algorithmic world.

  • Where does memory live in the body and how is it communicated through our actions in the world?
  • How do places—geographical, corporeal, conceptual—inform memory?
  • How do memory and place(s)—individual, collective, or historical—influence and shape each other?
  • How do we memorialize so as to preserve, do justice, heal, and move forward? And when is it necessary to forget?

Faculty Fellows
Graduate Fellows
  • Tandria Fireall (English)
  • Kanak Kapur (English)
  • Seulbin Lee (Religion)
  • Melissa Luong (Human & Organizational Development)
  • Melissa McCormick (Human & Organizational Development)
  • Kelsey Rall (English)

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