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Collaborative Humanities Postdoctoral Program

The Vanderbilt Collaborative Humanities Postdoctoral Program (CHPP) supports a cohort of postdoctoral fellows in the humanities and humanistic social sciences to conduct research and teaching on interdisciplinary topics in the collaborative humanities.

CHPP fellows will bring their interests and expertise in the humanities to the most pressing problems of the present, from the local to the global. They will develop collaborative research projects, develop and teach a new undergraduate course in their track, and broadly hone their professional skills through programming and faculty mentoring.

The three-year fellowship period will support early career scholars’ efforts to transform and expand humanistic study and education in one or more of three tracks that inherently foreground issues of racial, gender, and social justice:

  • Environmental Humanities: the study of humans’ historical, cultural, social, and ethical relationship to the environment, guided by a commitment to sustainability and environmental justice.
  • Global Humanities: the humanistic study of the implications of the global movement of people, goods, and ideas, with a particular focus on issues of dislocation, belonging, and citizenship.
  • Urban Humanities: defined as the humanistic study of the past, present and future of cities and their inhabitants in a global context, viewed through the lens of spatial justice and working at the intersections of humanities, urban planning and design, and civic engagement.

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