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Minor in Neuroscience

This program provides a foundation of knowledge in neuroscience that is appropriate for students majoring in a related discipline or who have a general interest in the nervous system.

The minor program consists of 18 credit hours of course work distributed as follows:

Neuroscience 2201.

One course in Statistics/Computer Science: BSCI 3270, PSY 2100, PSY-PC 2110, CS 1101 or CS 1103 or CS 1104.

6 credit hours (2 courses) chosen from the courses listed as “Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience” Courses and 6 additional credit hours (2 courses) chosen from the courses listed as “Systems, Integrative and Cognitive Neuroscience” in the Program of Concentration in Neuroscience. The chosen courses counting towards the 18 credit hours must come from at least 3 different departments/disciplines (e.g. NSC, PSY and BSCI) and research courses (NSC 3860, 3861, 3862, 3863, 3864, and 4999) do not count towards the minor. As prerequisites, students are also required to complete Chemistry 1601 and 1601L and Biological Sciences courses 1510, 1511, 1510L and either 1511L or 1512L.