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Minor in Neuroscience

The program offers students the option of a Minor in Neuroscience. The minor provides a foundation of knowledge in neuroscience that is appropriate for students majoring in a related discipline such as Biological Sciences, Psychology, or Biomedical Engineering, or who have a general interest in the nervous system. The minor program consists of 15 hours of course work distributed as follows:

  • Neuroscience 2201
  • Biological Sciences 3252 or Biological Science 3256
  • At least 9 hours (3 courses) chosen from the Elective Neuroscience Courses.

Note that as prerequisites, students are also required to complete two semesters of chemistry with a laboratory and Biological Sciences 1510, 1511 and 1510L, 1511L.

“NOTE: The College of Arts and Science rules state that each minor must include at least 15 credit hours that are counted solely towards the minor. Since the Neuroscience minor is only 15 hours, none of the courses taken for the minor may count towards any other major or minor.”