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Directed Study

Starting Fall 2017: All undergraduate students conducting research in Neuroscience have to complete Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training online.

Click here for training requirements and information. When taking the online RCR training, enroll in the Bio/Physical Sciences (VUBPS) course – unless you are working in Wilson Hall with human subjects ONLY, then select Psychological Sciences (VUPSY) course.

Once online training is completed, you will receive a completion report via email. You may either forward that email to the Program Office, or there will be a link that allows you to share the report. Confirmation has to be received by the Program Office before you can be registered for the research course.

The Neuroscience Program offers several courses that provide opportunities for directed and independent study.  NSC 3860 Introduction to Research is the recommended course for Freshman and Sophomore students entry into the laboratory research environment. NSC 3851 Independent Reading is offered to allow students the opportunity to more fully investigate a topic of particular interest or to solidify the background knowledge needed to successfully pursue laboratory research in a specific area. NSC 3861, 3862 Undergraduate Research and NSC 3863, 3864 Advanced Research in Neuroscience provide more extensive laboratory work and the opportunity to develop a research project. The links below provide more information including pre-requisites, course requirements, and instructions for registration.