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Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience for Undergraduates at Vanderbilt!

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience for Undergraduates at Vanderbilt! The study of the nervous system is an interdisciplinary enterprise that draws upon scientific disciplines ranging from molecular biology and biophysics, to computational science and engineering, to the study of cognitive psychology and neurology. To meet the challenge of providing training for entry into this exciting and growing field, Vanderbilt offers its undergraduates an interdisciplinary program of concentration in Neuroscience. The program offers both a major and a minor within the College of Arts and Sciences and draws its training faculty from both the College of Arts and Sciences and the Vanderbilt School of Medicine. It is additionally affiliated with the Vanderbilt Brain Institute, which helps integrate neuroscience training and research across the different academic units at Vanderbilt, and sponsors talks by national and international leaders in the field, which undergraduates are welcome to attend.

The major in Neuroscience is designed to fulfill a premed curriculum and to also provide preparation for students wishing to pursue graduate work in neuroscience or related fields such as biology or psychology. It utilizes expertise from several departments and schools within the University to provide a comprehensive background in the basic sciences of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics as well as a strong foundation in the fundamentals of neuroscience and psychology. As students advance, they are able to pursue advanced work in one or more specific sub-areas of neuroscience through elective courses.

The minor in Neuroscience is designed for individuals who wish to gain exposure to the fundamental of neuroscience, but who do not wish to complete the full premed curriculum or who want to augment another relevant major in the college.

  • Neuroscience is one of the largest majors in the College of Arts & Science at Vanderbilt University

  • Our Neuroscience majors have been accepted to the most competitive medical schools in the country, with an average of 72% of first-time applicants accepted to medical school in 2016-2018.

    • Neuroscience was the second-most popular major represented in the 2022 Pre-Med Applicant Class

  • The Honors class continues to be one of the largest in the college

For more detailed information about the requirements and opportunities of the program please have a look at the program requirements under the Major and Minor pages. You are also invited to visit the web site of the program’s student organization, the Neuroscience Majors Club.

The Neuroscience Program for Undergraduates is also designed to provide student’s with immersive experiences in neuroscience research. Students participate in research in the laboratories of neuroscience faculty under the auspices of the directed studies courses, NSC 3860, 3851, 3861/3862 and 3863/3864. Further research experience is available through the Honors Program in Neuroscience. For more detailed information about opportunities, please have a look at our Research Faculty and Topics pages, Directed Study pages, and Honors Program pages.

If you have additional questions, please see the major and minor, and feel free to contact us.