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Declaring a Major in Neuroscience

Complete the Declaration of Major Form with the advisor information blank. Either email a copy to the Program Office to be assigned an advisor or bring two hard copies to 1210 Medical Research Building III during office hours on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

  • If declaring in person, one copy will be left with the Program Office. The second copy should be delivered to the A&S Office of Undergraduate Education in 350 Buttrick Hall. Note: Your major is not considered officially declared until your form has been submitted to and processed by the Office of Undergraduate Education.
  • If declaring via email, once the signed copy is returned, email the completed form to the A&S Office of Undergraduate Education
  • Declaration requests received after the A&S moratorium has begun will be held until the moratorium has ended. Moratorium dates can be found within the undergraduate academic calendar.

***If your primary school is not A&S, return a copy to your appropriate administrative office for official processing.