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Vanderbilt Historical Review

Vanderbilt Historical Review

The Vanderbilt Historical Review is a journal of history that combines undergraduate historical research in a semiannual issue. The publication seeks to show the importance of studying the past. Topics may cover a wide range of disciplines, including economic, political, social, or cultural history. The Review accepts submissions three times a year from undergraduate students for consideration in our publication. Please see the guidelines on our website and send submissions to We look forward to reviewing your work! If you are interested in helping to publish the VHR please contact Editor-in-Chief, Robert Yee.

The Vanderbilt Historical Review released its first issue (Spring 2016) on January 12. It has articles written by students from Vanderbilt, Boston College, University of Chicago, University of Edinburgh, Stanford University, Yale University and University of Virginia. "My colleagues and I have been deeply impressed by the analytic rigor and consistently high writing standards evident in all the articles," said Joel Harrington, Centennial Professor of History and chair of the department at Vanderbilt University. "We are also very proud of Robert and his editorial team for producing such a high quality scholarly publication."
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 updated March 3, 2017