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Ph.D. Aid and Awards

Standard Financial Support 

All students admitted to the doctoral program will receive full tuition and a base stipend, as well as health insurance coverage. Student service fees are deducted from the annual stipend. In order to maintain funding year-to-year, students must make sufficient progress toward the degree. 

All history Ph.D. students receive five years of funding. Three out of the five years are service-free (no additional workload aside from progress towards degree is required). The other two years, Ph.D. students will serve as teaching assistants alongside their normal workload. In addition, students can also apply for research assistantships, traineeships, and teaching assistantships outside the history department for additional income.

History Department Sponsored Funding

The below internal awards are given to eligible students who have completed their first year in good standing.

  • Albert H. Gordon Fellowship 
  • Herbert and Blanche Henry Weaver Summer Fellowship Awards in History 
  • J. León Helguera Fellowship
  • Ingram History Graduate Fellowship 

Additional Opportunities for Funding

Graduate School Travel Funding  

College of Arts & Science Funding 

University Scholarships